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Freshmen continue to work on their creative assignments after finishing their short story unit, Sept. 14, in Kyle Dodson’s class.

High school demands many responsibilities, but it also brings fears to some students. The terror of fitting in and getting all the right classes for college haunts most high schoolers but incoming freshmen fears are all too real for many students.

The Feather conducted a poll and the results show that the majority of students get overwhelmed with the idea of homework piling up.

As work loads increase, many feel the pressure of the added homework. One way campus students deal with that stress is trusting in God to help them overcome the challenges homework brings. Incoming freshmen, Caleigh Alday put her trust in God to help guide her through her journey.

“My biggest fear going through high school is knowing the expectations I have to meet,” Alday said. “I want to make sure that I stay calm in any struggle I might face. I want to stay in control and ask God to help me through it.”

For all freshmen struggling, the school offers academic assistance. California Scholarship Federation advisor Andrea Donaghe has made a tutoring program for any students that need academic assistance.

“As the second-year CSF advisor with the help of Hallie Rojeski, I’m looking to build a program that encourages students to apply and become involved in service projects,” Donaghe said. “I am happy that we have over 50 CSF members this semester and over a dozen seniors that are possible lifers which is six or more semesters in CSF. Tutoring is received through teacher recommendations. Then I pair the student with the tutor and meet once a week on Thursday from 2 to 3 p.m. after school.”

For students seeking more academic assistance, schedule an appointment with academic advisor Michelle Warkentin via email.

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