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Math teacher mentors others in new position

Marin Sue | The Feather Online

In addition to teaching 7th grade math, Katie Reneau, left, is now Teacher on Special Assignment for teacher support and development.​ She often shares math concepts with Angie Counts, who teaches math in the high school.

Students need mentors to inspire them and build their confidence to succeed. Katie Reneau provides this support with an enthusiastic attitude.

This year, math teacher Reneau takes on a new role with more responsibilities. In addition to teaching 7th grade math, she is now the Teacher on Special Assignment for Teacher Support and Development.​

This involves helping teachers in any way they might require. Whether it be instructional strategies, interventions, classroom walkthroughs, Reneau is present to make them better at what they’re already doing. Principal Amy Deffenbacher knew that Reneau’s character made her a perfect fit for this job.

Better teachers will often lead to better teaching, further enhancing the students’ abilities to comprehend the information.

“We decided this would be the best position for her (Reneau) last spring,” Deffenbacher said. “When we knew that the school would continue to grow and, along with it, our staff – we began the conversation of what it would look like to continue to provide ​ongoing training, support, and coaching for the teachers. Mrs. Reneau is enthusiastic, creative, committed, and exhibits excellence. She has already done a fantastic job of connecting with the staff and assessing our best next steps for staff development at FCS.​”

Reneau is honored to take on this challenging role and remains eager to shape the teachers through it. Her devotion to improve the school is matched by her enthusiasm for her job.

“It’s amazing; I truly love this new job,” Reneau said. “For so long my passion and heart for education has been supporting teachers, and now having the opportunity to do that is fun. It’s a lot, and it’s exhausting, but it’s a good kind of exhausting where I leave feeling so refreshed and pumped up at the end of the day.”

Reneau’s love for the students compelled her to teach math, and her love for ministry motivated her to help the faculty of FC. Former student Caleigh Alday, ‘21, noticed the effort Reneau put in day-to-day.

“I have known Mrs. Reneau for roughly three years now and something that stands out to me that makes her an excellent teacher is her way of wanting to understand her students and encourage them in any situation,” Alday said. “She shines with God’s love and has a heart for Jesus, which I believe is a great quality to have in a teacher. Mrs. Reneau inspires me to keep my head up whenever I might be down or confused, because every leader makes mistakes, but they turn their mistakes into a positive experience. This is definitely something Mrs. Reneau “preaches” to her classes.”

It’s amazing; I truly love this new job. For so long my passion and heart for education has been supporting teachers, and now having the opportunity to do that is fun. It’s a lot, and it’s exhausting, but it’s a good kind of exhausting where I leave feeling so refreshed and pumped up at the end of the day. — Katie Reneau

Alongside teaching, Reneau coached the varsity volleyball girls for two seasons from 2015 – 2016. Previously training club volleyball players at Central Cal Volleyball Club, she brought her expertise to the FC team and helped them reach their full potential. While playing volleyball, Sophia Kalugin, ‘19, appreciated Reneau’s consistent positivity.

“Mrs. Reneau was a good coach because she was able to relate to the players and push us physically,” Kalugin said. “She encouraged us by using scriptures and gave us pep talks before games.”

Reneau works to inspire confidence in others, whether that be a student or a teacher.

“I want to take my experiences and my successes and share them with other people and give them opportunities to enhance what they’re doing,” Reneau said. “Everyone in my family is doing some type of servant work, which has been a model for me growing up, we just find ways to serve people and help others. My goal in this job is that every teacher feels like they have the support they need to be their best version of themselves in the classroom.”

Reneau graduated from Fresno State in 2005 and knew then that she wanted to pursue a career in administration. Her desire to become a well rounded teacher stemmed from her dedication to learning. After observing an academic coach at her previous school, Reneau developed a passion for cooperative learning and collaboration.

Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

Reneau has pursued a career in administration since graduating from Fresno State in 2005.

Reneau accredits her success  to God. She believes that it was through Him that she was able to acquire this job, and aids the school based on His calling. Deffenbacher recognized Reneau’s generous spirit early on in her career.

“Mrs. Reneau has taught in both elementary and secondary settings and has experience with a wide variety of subjects and strategies,” Deffenbacher said. “She has a heart to lead teachers and that made this a good next step for her in her educational career and also for our school.​”

Throughout her time at FC, Reneau has shown leadership skills in various aspects of the school. From teaching students in the classroom, motivating players on the court, to now guiding teachers, Reneau has exhibited outstanding expertise in ministering to the FC community.

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