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Underclassmen demonstrate school spirit

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

The sophomore class designed their float to support Lanna Coffee Co. and raised $672.75, Oct. 6.

Student leadership informs classes of the final spirit points for the 33rd annual homecoming week during homeroom today, Oct. 9. Congratulations to the sophomores who were crowned victors.

The final scores and amount raised by each class are below :

FCS Lifer and student body president Roman Endicott was proud of the work all of the classes accomplished after homecoming.

“I am extremely proud of the senior class for raising over $900 for the American Red Cross!” Endicott said. “It was so encouraging to see four different nonprofit organizations benefit from an event which typically doesn’t focus on the needs of others. The entire week was a success and Friday night was the perfect way to wrap up homecoming.”

Spirit points tally up from dress-up days, float donations and various activities during the week of homecoming, Oct. 2-6. Additionally, congratulations to the homecoming court and seniors Tyler Villines and Mariana Fikse for winning king and queen, respectively.

Leadership student Wesley Hinton, ’20, appreciated homecoming because it offered the class an avenue to come together. 

“It was really cool to see all different friend groups combine to build the float and I think we did a really good job,” Hinton said. “I think ‘Merica Monday was the best day personally. On Disney day people did some really cool costume. Deborah (Ingerson, ’20) was a cow or something. The win really encourages us and I think next year we are going to want to win again.” 

Leadership co-advisor Robert Foshee is impressed with the work and participation of the underclassmen.

“Homecoming for Humanity was a great success,” Foshee said. “Not only did the students have fun all week, but they raised awareness and money for some great causes. Fresno Christian students raised $2,153.95 for Miss Winkles Adoption Center, Lanna Coffee Co., Hume Lake and the Red Cross. Usually after homecoming, there are memories, trash from the floats and cleaning up all the decorations. This year our students will have made a lasting impact on our city, helped some great non-profits and ultimately shined a light for Jesus in our community.”
Blake Deffenbacher | The Feather Online

Sophomore Colten Allen strums his guitar while on the float, Oct. 6.

Now that the freshman class has experience, they believe they can win next year. Landon Bell, ’21, is disappointed but aims to win as sophomores. 

“The freshmen class was pretty surprised because they thought they would win because of the confusion with the floats,” Bell said. “We believed we would win but are happy for the sophomore class and now are more prepared for next year.”

Leadership co-advisor Aubri Foster is thankful for the theme ‘Homecoming for Humanity’ because it allowed the student body to expand outside the campus.

“I am so impressed with the way the student body came together to step outside of themselves during this homecoming season,” Foster said. “Working with these organizations has given our students the unique opportunity to see how we can come together and make a difference in our world. Our leadership team did an excellent job of implementing the theme and getting the students pumped up.”

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