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Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Eighth grade students (left to right) Mason Beal, Zach Aguirre and Austin Peterson enjoy paddle boats during free time at the annual FC eighth grade Calvin Crest trip, Oct. 15.

While this year’s trip was shortened as a result of fires in the Sierra Nevadas, the annual FC eighth grade Calvin Crest trip still was a success. Paddle boating at the lake was one of many activities offered during free time. 

A total of 47 eighth graders, nine high school cabin leaders and three JH teachers travel to Calvin Crest, Oct. 13-15.

Teacher chaperones include Terry Richards, Amy Friesen and Hallie Rojeski. Cabin leaders include juniors Alex Rurik, Griffin Schmidt, Reese Brown, Amanda Grimmius, Kamryn Schultz and Kaylie Clem, as well as sophomores Megan LeBlanc, Logan Lewis and  Wesley Hinton.

Due to the forest fire threatening Calvin Crest, FC was forced to reschedule the trip twice. Instead of the normal week-long camp, the group had to make do with a weekend due to no other available time before the snowy weather.  

A woman’s group shared the dining hall with FC campers and chaperones during meals. With the woman’s group agreeing to share their weekend with FC visitors, it provided an opportunity for eighth graders to attend camp.

Throughout the course of the weekend teacher chaperones and Calvin Crest staff lead groups of students in three outdoor classes. Richards leads ‘Survival Class’, Friesen leads ‘Initiatives’, Rojeski leads ‘Miwok Trail’ and a Calvin Crest staffer leads students through ‘Rock Your World’. Due to the recent fires surrounding the camp area some class courses are altered.

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Students work as a team to cross platforms as a part of Initiatives class.

Richards’ Survival Class teaches students basic techniques to survive in the wilderness. The activities going along with this class includes building t-pees and learning how to make a fire.  

Friesen’s Initiatives class teaches students teamwork techniques and communication. In this activity, students are required to complete a series of obstacles that are only solvable if completed as a team. 

Rojeski’s Miwok Trail provides students with a visual of how the Miwok people lived. 

In the Rock Your World class, students learn about the different types of rocks and how they can be identified. Students visit a wall of chemically eroded granite, split open river rocks and determine various types of rocks.

During free time, camp provides several activities for students to try. Activities include rock wall, paddle boating, archery, volleyball and basketball. 

On the final night of camp, Richards shares his annual purity message and delivers half dollars to students. The coins are a representation of the commitments covered during the message. 

Students return to the McDonalds parking lot near campus due to Sunday church traffic, Oct. 15. 

If you have attended FC’s eighth grade Calvin Crest trip or have served as a cabin leader, share with us down below. We would love to hear your favorite memories!

Slideshow below includes images from the various activities at this year’s FC eighth grade Calvin Crest trip.

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