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Campus siblings share unique relationship through cheer 

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To many, a sibling is one of life’s greatest gifts. From sharing a room to walking the halls of high school together, a bond between two siblings can be unbreakable. At FC, some sibling pairs walk through their high school years together.

From encouraging one another on the cheer team to sharing advice about math homework, Madilyn and Danielle Foster share their experiences with each other.

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Danielle and Madi Foster enjoy attending the same school and passing each other in the hallway.

Danielle (Dani) Foster, ‘20, excels on the cheer team and progresses in math, while Madilyn (Madi) Foster, ‘23, pursues a love of volleyball and cheer. The age gap between the two prevents them from doing activities together on campus, but Madi and Dani share a friendship that goes beyond the classroom.

Aubri Foster, Christian Living teacher and mother to Dani and Madi, gives her perspective on what it’s like to have both her daughters attending FC.

“I think it’s a different experience for me than most parents,” Aubri said. “I am enjoying this. It’s the best time of being a mom, getting to come to school with them every day. I get to watch them make friendships that will last a lifetime. As for hardships, there haven’t been any struggles sending the girls here. I love that my kids get to learn from the Bible every day and that they are encouraged to strengthen their character along with their minds.

“I know that the staff faculty and the friends they’ve made are encouraging them to walk in the light of Christ,” Aubri continued. “It is the best thing ever to get to teach Dani twice in a day. At first, I was a little concerned because you never know how that could go. But having her want to twin with me on pajama day was probably one of the best ‘mom moments’ of my life.”

Due to the age gap separating the girls, their school experiences do not include much of each other. But the two are able to encourage one another in the activities they both participate in. 

Friend and classmate of Dani, Rebekah Micu, ’20, enjoys the sibling’s personalities and their friendliness. 

“I think they have a very good relationship,” Micu said. “It is a very weird, yet very friendly relationship. They are really easy going and don’t really fight. They are both really outgoing and their personalities are really similar.”

Dani Foster gets to walk through high school with her mom and her sister by her side. She shares her experiences about what her relationship with her sister looks like on and off campus.

“I don’t really get to connect with my sister at school,” Dani said. “She’s in seventh grade and I am in tenth, so there isn’t much to do together. But she does come to me with homework and I am able to give her advice and help her out. Outside of school, we like to hang out together, ride bikes and run. With my sister being here, we can be there for each other and give each other advice.”

Mariano Friginal

While they do not see each other often at school, the Foster sisters enjoy each others company and spend time together.

Following in the footsteps of her older sister, Madi participates in cheer. She shares the help she has been presented by Dani and why she loves FC.

“I like to ask Dani questions about stuff and get advice from her,” Madi said. “She is really good at math so it’s great to get her help with that. Having her at school with me is fun, but it can be awkward when she is around her friends. We don’t do much together at school because I am in seventh grade and she’s in tenth. We are both in cheer this year and we can build each other up in that. I love FC because it’s a community and you can talk to anyone about anything that’s going on in your life. You can pray with them and talk with them about God. You can’t do that in public schools so it’s a really special experience.”

The Foster sisters may not share the same schedule, but they share the same heart. Whether it’s on the cheer mat or in the classroom, the Foster girls encourage one another to be better and improve in everything they participate in. They look forward to the year ahead with excitement for all the activities they get to a part of.

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