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BBQ stand’s closeness to FC campus provides students with choices

Alexander Rurik | The Feather Online

Located on the southwest corner of Herndon and Cedar, Mike’s Grill only has outdoor seating

Across the street from FC on the southeast corner of Cedar and Herndon lies Mike’s Grill, home to what many call the best tri-tip in Fresno. With such close proximity to campus, many seniors find it notably accessible for off-campus lunch while others can walk or drive to indulge themselves in great tasting food after classes end for reasonable prices.

Mike’s Grill specializes in barbecue, mainly tri-tip and pulled pork sandwiches. Additionally, they offer meat by the pound. Their simple menu gives you ample choices for entrees and sides, which include rice pilaf, chili beans, potato salad, macaroni salad and garlic toast. Depending on how much food you desire, you can expect to spend in the ballpark of $10.

While the tri-tip sandwich may be their best, most famous dish, I went with the pulled pork sandwich. I was not disappointed in any way. The juicy pork over the garlic buttered french roll contained so many great flavors balanced perfectly. It also featured a special cole slaw, which surprised me, not knowing slaw was a part of it.

The BBQ sauce, which comes on the side, is, in my opinion, the best BBQ sauce to be found in the Fresno area. Dark, thick and sweet, it rivals the sauce Dog House Grill offers.

Driving up to the kiosk you notice a sign on the front saying “Best Tri-Tip In Fresno,” so I knew I had to try that as well. Receiving the sandwich with great and quick service the anticipation to try it was making my mouth water, so I dug right in. Unwrapping the sandwich you see a garlic toast french roll with layers upon layers of thin-cut tri-tip, along with a side of savory BBQ sauce. It lives up to its reputation for the best tri-tip sandwich in Fresno.

Alexander Rurik | The Feather Online

Each ingredient of the pulled pork sandwich blends together amazingly.

The tremendous food combined with great places makes this a food stop I will eat at regularly. Visit their website to check out exact prices and hours. Mike’s Grill is open Monday through Saturday, 11 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.

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