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Kori Friesen | The Feather Online

Feather photojournalists and video journalist head to Fulton for street photography workshop, Oct. 25.

The Fulton District officially re-opened as a two-way street after more than 50 years, Oct. 21.

To celebrate this grand re-opening, the City of Fresno hosted the Fulton Street Party. The City of Fresno underwent a $20 million renovation project, restoring the street and buildings of Fulton Mall in hopes that it would draw retailers and consumers throughout the city.

For a special assignment, Feather photojournalists and video journalists venture downtown to Fulton for a street photography workshop, capturing Fulton just days after the parade. Shooting street photography with a specific angle gave students purpose with the images they captured. as the newly renovated Fulton going to bring the masses, would it become a local destination for Valley residents?

They wanted to know was the newly renovated Fulton Street going to bring the masses and/or can it become a local destination for Valley residents?

First-year Feather photographer Marin Sue, ‘20, learns techniques of street photography by joining Feather photojournalists and video journalists to Fulton Street.

“I liked how we learned how to shoot in an environment different from what we are used to shooting in,” Sue said. “I think my favorite part was being with all the other photojournalists and taking pictures together. I liked shooting people best because that’s what I need to work on and so it helped me practice.”

Kaylie Clem, ‘19, enjoyed street photography to strengthen her creativity outside of school activities.

“I learned to be patient and scan regularly to be able to successfully capture the emotions of the people I was photographing,” Clem said. “My favorite part was getting out of the lab and experiencing a different scenery to capture through photography. With street photography, I learned to capture my subject in a natural way instead of posing them.”

Adviser Kori Friesen teaches the media team to look for the details in everyday life as they walk around. The team was challenged to capture the scene through a “fly on the wall” approach: capture the people, the action, the architecture of Fulton Mall.

The slideshow below is a collection of images from Feather photojournalists who walked Fulton Street, Oct. 25.

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