Spanish III students to use bilingual skills in real-world setting

Spanish III students to use bilingual skills in real-world setting

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Students to practice skills at Toledo’s

The Spanish III class will be going to the Mexican restaurant, Toledo’s, to practice their Spanish speaking abilities, Nov. 15. Spanish teacher, Rachel Rodriguez, has announced and explained to them that they are to speak Spanish the entire time.

Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

Spanish III students will put their knowledge to the test by ordering food in Spanish at a Mexican restaurant.

She has given the resources to prepare themselves, plus time in class to practice their orders and conversations with partners. She is doing this to give her students a chance to venture outside the classroom and experience a real-world setting, using Spanish in the most authentic way possible.

Rodriguez is excited for the students to experience a scenario outside of a classroom setting and learn and be rewarded for the hard work they have put in.

“I’m most excited for my students to experience a real-world scenario outside the classroom setting,” Rodriguez said. “They will get to ‘eat’ the fruit of their labor. They will get to taste what it is like to live and to speak in a foreign language and be able to understand it.”

She believes that the students will be benefitted by this in their future careers, in order to open up more options in their career paths.

“This will add on to their resume,” Rodriguez said. “It will give them more opportunities to connect with people and have more options in the work field.”

Junior students, Sophia Kalugin and Joshua Savage, both started formally learning Spanish their freshman year. Both Kalugin and Savage hope to use their knowledge and Spanish speaking abilities to further and strengthen their future careers and to be able to carry on Spanish conversations with people.

“I hope to learn the basics, and to be able to use it to my advantage if I have to in my career,” Savage said. “I don’t necessarily plan to go to a country that speaks Spanish, but it could be useful for my job. Someday my coworkers may speak Spanish, and it is good to know it for anyone that needs that.”

Savage and Kalugin shared their excitements and fears for this upcoming opportunity. Both are nervous about messing up and having to rely solely on their Spanish abilities.

“I’m excited just to practice speaking Spanish and to get to eat food in a very Mexican cultural place,” Kalugin said. “I’m nervous about slipping up and accidentally speaking English. I don’t want to mess up when I’m ordering, or not know what the waiter’s telling me, and stuff like that.”

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Juniors Sophia Kalugin (left) and Ashley Zamarripa work on an activity in Spanish III.

Savage is nervous for the intimidation of speaking Spanish to someone who already knows the language and in a public environment.

“I am most nervous because I am not confident in myself,” Savage said. “It’s just a little daunting to have to speak Spanish to someone who already knows it. Also, in a restaurant environment, there’s a lot of people around, so I don’t want to make a mistake.”

Students have been given quizzes and drills to do, to ensure they know all the information that is needed for the event.

“Well, we’ve taken quizzes in our vocab.; we were given a pop quiz last week on all of our restaurant vocabulary words and we have made flashcards in order to study to make sure we have every word down,” Savage said. “We are going over it over and over again until we know them. And we’re also doing like timed tests at the board to see if we can get the right words.”

Students have been equipped with the tools they need and are being presented with an opportunity to show off what they have learned.

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