PROMO: Powder Rough set for Dec. 4

PROMO: Powder Rough set for Dec. 4

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Student leadership introduces new class competition

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Sophomore Blake Burdan (center) bumps the ball during a lunchtime Powder Rough practice.

Bump. Set. Spike! This fall, the lady Eagles volleyball team took second in the West Sequoia League and pushed into the playoffs, but fell in the second round. Coming up this winter, the campus high school boys will test their abilities in the same sport, Dec. 4. Powder Rough is similar to Powder Puff, except boys play and girls coach and cheer.

Powder Rough is a class competition. Started by high school leadership, freshman to seniors will battle in numerous six-man volleyball matches. CIF referees will officiate, ensuring all rules and regulations are followed.

The coaches were selected from the varsity and junior girls volleyball teams. The coaches must be in the same grade as the team they coach. Each class is allowed a maximum of four coaches.

Each team wears their own t-shirt of a solid color. Classes are encouraged to wear the same colors as their team game day.

Freshman: Teal
Sophomores: Pink
Juniors: Black
Seniors: White

As far as The Feather staff was able to determine, this is the first Powder Rough tournament and first time boys will be participating in a volleyball competition.

Addison Schultz, ‘21, one of the four freshman coaches, shared what she personally looks forward to and how Powder Rough will bond classes together.

“I’m looking forward to Powder Rough because I’m getting to share a sport that I love with guys,” Schultz said. “I think it’s super cool that the guys are getting to play a sport that we don’t have a team for. We’ve never done this before so I think it’s going to be super cool. It’s fun because we get to be the testers.

“I think in a lot of things in high school there is a lot of diversity between all the classes so to do something like Powder Rough, something everyone likes to do and it is something that everyone can get involved in,” Schultz continued. “Even if the guys are good at volleyball it is something that they all get to come participate in.”

Jake Provost, ‘18, looks forward to competing on the volleyball court. He explains why Powder Rough is a fun activity that boys around campus should participate in.

“I’m looking forward to playing with friends and playing volleyball,” Provost said. “I love playing volleyball and Powder Rough brings a sense of unity around the school whether it is just over a sport or just playing with friends. I think volleyball for boys would be a great thing to have here and I would definitely play it. Powder rough is going to be a really fun activity.”

Practices start at lunch, Wed., Nov. 29, and continue until the end of the week. The actual competition is during the afternoon of Mon., Dec. 4., in the FCS gym. Monday will be a half-day of classes but students cannot leave. After lunch the tournament will start and go until the end of school. Come support your own class and make sure to wear your class color.

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