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Sophomore enjoys beef Koobideh Kabo dish 

If you are looking for a delicious Persian dish to share with some buddies, Kabob Land is the place for you. This unique restaurant provides a relaxed dining experience while serving excellent food.

When I entered the building, Stephanie, one of the waitresses, cheerfully greeted me. She found me a table and I was immediately impressed by the plush, deluxe chairs.

Logan Lewis | The Feather Online

Jujeh Kabob is a dish served at Kabob Land. The dish consists of rice, grilled chicken breast and vegetables.

They provided me a menu, along with a glass of water and warm pita bread. To accompany the pita bread was their fresh made hummus, a mixture of tahini and garbanzo beans. It was much better than an average supermarket hummus.

I ordered from the lunch special menu and chose a Beef Koobideh Kabob, a long piece of ground beef cooked over an open fire. It is also served with a gargantuan heap of rice and some grilled vegetables. I tried some of their Jujeh Kabob, which is boneless chunks of delicious chicken breast.

The beef Koobideh Kabob tasted pretty good. It is a very hearty, seasoned meat. I found it had a very similar texture to sausage.

I ended up more impressed with the Jujeh Kabob. The chicken was extremely tender and moist and was seasoned very well. However, I wish they offered more of that delectable chicken. 

The rice included with my dish was overwhelming. I also think it could have contained more flavor, but it was good.

Their fresh made garlic sauce was an outstanding addition to anything I put it on. It complemented all meats and vegetables. It comes in a small container, but they can always serve you extra.

Customer service was satisfactory. Stephanie was very nice and clearly explained all the dishes to me. Stephanie elaborates on what the experience of Kabob land is all about.

Logan Lewis | The Feather Online

Kabob Land serves local Persian and Mediterranean dishes.

“When the customer comes in, we will seat them and serve them some pita bread,” Stephanie said. “Normally we already have grilled veggies, and we offer the customer their choice of grilled veggies or hummus with their plate. Usually, the chef in the back is the person who cooks the meat. Depending on what the customer orders, they’ll cook the meat over open fire and top it with butter and their seasonings.”

Overall, I was impressed with Kabob Land. This is a great place to hang out with friends for a long time, due to the marvelous chairs and booths. Prices here are not too bad; standard prices for a sit-down restaurant. I would recommend Kabob Land to someone looking for something unique and delicious.

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