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Senior takes charge on basketball court

Blake Deffenbacher | The Feather Online

Senior Erin Wilson came to FC in eighth grade.

Learning what family is like does not have to happen at home. For some, relationships can be forged through competition and shared experiences. Friends and teammates can become family.

Senior Erin Wilson grew up playing basketball. She began in elementary school because her peers told Wilson her height bolstered her skills. Since then, she has continuously played up to her senior year of highschool, only taking a break during freshman year.

“I have been playing basketball since elementary school,” Wilson said. “I initially started in 5th grade because my sister was playing and everyone told me to because of my height. I continued through junior high and high school.”

Through her time competing, she has realized there are ups and downs when playing basketball, but when the team becomes like a family, it is worth it..

The team has definitely developed into a family and community,”Wilson said. “Having spent so much time with these girls and worked so hard with my teammates, we have bonded through our dedication and hard work. We have team lunches and team sleepovers which all add to the sense of community on our team.”

With this being my last year I am so sad to be leaving. This team has been my family and support for the past few years. Growing in faith and friendship with these girls has made such a difference in my overall experience at school. — Erin Wilson

Wilson’s favorite moment in her career was a game against Riverdale when the Eagles stood tall and came back from a deficit to win the game off of a buzzer beater shot.

“My favorite story from basketball is from last year,” Wilson said.” We were playing Riverdale at home and we had been losing all night, however in the last quarter we had caught up and the game was going back and forth. In the last minute of the game Riverdale had scored putting them up by two points.”

The Wilson Family

Wilson started basketball in 4th grade and decided to continue with the sport through JH and high school.

“With seconds left one of our seniors shot and made a buzzer beater three-pointer, winning the game,” Wilson continued. “Everyone was so excited the entire team and even some of the fans stormed out onto the court.“

Three-year varsity athlete Ashley Zamarripa, ‘19, feels wistful this is Wilson’s last year playing but appreciates the bond they have formed.

“It has been so fun playing with Erin for the last 3 years,” Zamarripa said. “I have been playing with her since junior high and she’s always been a natural leader. Erin contributes so much to our team. She always tries to stay positive and do her best in every game. I am really going to miss her because we have all created a bond on the team. I am so happy that she has been my captain for these last three years and I can’t wait to finish this last one out strong with her.”

Varsity girls basketball coach Robert Foshee admires how dedicated Wilson is to the sport. Foshee believes Wilson helps the people around her play play finer.

“I have coached Erin for 4 years,” Foshee said. ”Erin is very dedicated and gives everything to the team. I can only count a few times over her 4 years of playing in which she missed a practice, game, or summer workout. Her hard work is evident on the basketball court and it carries over to other players. I think her hard work and leadership for the team. She is willing to push her self and others to do the best they can do.”

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Wilson shoots a free throw in against Stone Ridge Christian, Nov. 28.

Wilson arrived at FC in eighth grade and has been in student leadership every year. Each year, she has grown in her role as a leader on campus, such as serving in ASB as the student body chaplain.

“With this being my last year I am so sad to be leaving,” Wilson said. “This team has been my family and support for the past few years. Growing in faith and friendship with these girls has made such a difference in my overall experience at school.”

Some of Wilson’s hobbies outside of basketball include softball, hanging out with her friends and reading. Next year, she plans on either attending Fresno State or California Baptist University and studying to become a history teacher.

Girls’ basketball’s next home game is against Alpaugh at 6 p.m., Dec. 19. Come out and support Wilson and the Eagles.

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Alexander Rurik contributed to this article.

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