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Boys basketball is wrapping up the last week of the semester with a basketball tournament at Madera Ranchos. The two-day tournament takes place, Dec. 15-16. The first game of the tournament is against Liberty at 8 p.m, Dec. 15.

This tournament is for varsity basketball and the junior varsity team will host a separate tournament the same days at home. Both players and coaches are very eager to redeem themselves after coming off of a three-game losing streak.

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Varsity boys basketball seeks to improve their current 2-6 record and overcome a three-game losing streak in an upcoming tournament.

Varsity captain Wyatt Koop, ‘18, is excited to play this weekend and aims to win a games. He hopes this will break their losing streak and that they can show others the team that they desire to be.

“I feel that we can win most if not all the games this weekend at the tournament because of the players we have,” Koop said. “We as a team are looking to lessen our turnovers and improve our scoring ability.”

Ronnie Peterson, ‘19, plays on the varsity team and looks forward to this tournament to show they can compete at the same level as last year.

“We need to limit turnovers and continue to be a very good defensive team,” Peterson said. “We are a totally different team but we are a bigger team size wise so we have changed our game plan to get the ball into the post rather than shooting threes. We have a good chance to build off of last years success.”

After coming off of almost all senior players last year, they are looking to rebuild their current team. The team’s goal is to take a valley championship home.

As of now the varsity boys basketball record is 2-6, but with this tournament they are looking to improve their record.

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