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Marin Sue | The Feather Online

Animal cells were the most popular cell to make, Dec. 15. Many students used foam, pipe cleaners, and construction paper to complete the project.

Biology students turn in their final project of model cells, Dec. 15.

Hoping to inspire creativity, Dr. Karen Walters assigned high school students to create a model plant or animal cell. Students had the rare option to make their cell projects edible.

Many students took advantage of this privilege and used their creativity to make unique cells. After presenting, students were able to enjoy their edible cells as well as to eat others’ creations.

In addition to the edible cells, students drank their homemade root beer that they had made the previous week. The root beer was a lab experiment that demonstrated to students the properties of yeast, and how it created carbonation in certain situations. After leaving it for a week, the students were able to taste the results of their lab.

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