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Students share Christmas plans, traditions

Many enjoy the holiday season for the breaks, festive celebrations and religious implications. Campus students from all grades and classes share their different traditions and plans for Christmas break.

Some plan on taking a break from school and relaxing while others prefer taking a vacation and getting away from Fresno. Classes resume, Jan. 8.

Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

Many campus students look forward to the three week break and already know how they intend to spend their time away from school.

Keeping our families Christmas traditions alive
December 16, 2017
Teacher Aubri Foster

“Christmas is all about celebrating and remembering the birth of Jesus with family. We are going to Los Angeles to spend time with extended family this year and will be celebrating with our Clovis family on the 23rd. My favorite family tradition is that our little family of four always goes to teppanyaki and shops for each other. When the girls were little we would each take one and then switch. So they could shop for the other parent. Afterwards, we all snuggle in new Christmas jammies and “campout” in the living room. We watch a Christmas movie and fall asleep by the fire. This is the part I am most looking forward to.”

Spend Time with Family and Celebrate New Year
Hannah Garcia, Sophomore
December 16, 2017

“I am going to the desert with my family the week after Christmas break, which is a tradition that we do every year. We celebrate the new year in the desert. I am looking forward to seeing my uncles and cousins that live out of town! And I love Christmas morning and watching my family open presents that I got them.”

Enjoying Christmas with Family
Sydney Saville, Sophomore
December 16, 2017  

“This Christmas break I hope to catch up on sleep and catch up with some friends I haven’t seen in awhile. I’ll have some extra time on my hands to finish a game, read a bit, and go on walks with my dog. My Pop- Pop (dads dad) comes every year right before Christmas and stays in my room. I used to always dread his visits- he’s a bit of a joker but when I was younger I didn’t understand so he’d tease me until I cried. I look forward to his arrival (and jokes). We always do Christmas here first thing in the morning then to my grandpas house for lunch- my moms whole side of the family is there and that lasts the rest of the day.”

Getting together with family.
Caleb Nale, FCS alumni and basketball coach 
December 15, 2017

“For Christmas, the Nale side of my family gets together on Christmas Eve and we have a cioppino dinner. It is one of the best holiday traditions around. We then get together and open gifts and play games with each other and have fun. All of the family comes and we have a really fun time.”

Time with my family.
Frank Zhang, Freshman
December 14, 2017

“During Christmas break, I am going back to China for the break. I am excited to spend time with my family. We are able to celebrate by opening presents and looking at the Christmas trees in public places.”

Family traditions.
Landon Bell, Freshman
December 14, 2017

“One of my favorite family traditions during Christmas is when the whole family goes over to my grandparents house. They have a huge seven-car garage so it is always fun to go in there and open presents when it’s all decorated and warm. Over the break, I also look forward to playing video games and watching TV.”

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Some students visit places such as Cindy Lane during Christmas break.

Time to relax and play basketball.
Hunter Nale, Sophomore 
December 14, 2017

“Over Christmas break, I plan to relax and practice basketball. I will probably practice basketball at home and go to the open gyms at school when there are some. I also look forward to being with my family, eating good food and opening Christmas presents.”

A break from academics
Landon Goldsborough, Junior
December 14, 2017

“I am really looking forward to Christmas break. I am planning on spending time with my family and having fun. Christmas break is always fun for me, I hope to catch up on sleep and on play video games. I also plan on practicing basketball for the rest of the season.”


Working with children
Megan Raynes, Junior
December 14, 2017

“Over break, I’m going to be working at Club 176. The club is a type of pre-school for young children. For the club, I am a teacher-aid and I help organize things. I really enjoy my job because I get to hang out with kids which I love. I’m looking forward to a break from academics and going down Christmas Tree Lane and Candy Cane Lane with my family. Another tradition my family has is making gingerbread houses.”

Time with friends and family
Matthew Oliver, Senior 
December 14, 2017

“I am looking forward to a break from academics and time to spend with family and friends. The stress from school is relieved and we are given a blank slate for next semester so we do not have to worry about school over the break.”

Vacation in Arizona
Daniel Avila, Senior 
December 14, 2017

“The thing I look forward to most over break is just relaxing. Other than that, I’m going to Arizona to visit Grand Canyon University (GCU) to visit the college. Also in Arizona, I hope to do some sightseeing. I also plan on spending time with my family.”

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