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Jacob Avedian joins Eagle varsity soccer team

Cayla Rivas | The Feather Online

Avedian is also a member of The Feather Online’s staff.

The boys’ soccer team hits the field with vigor, beginning with pre-season training, games and even a tournament. Under new coach Garrett Markarian, the boys are determined to improve their league record.

As a new member of the team, senior Jacob Avedian looks to finish his high school soccer career with success. New members remain crucial to the team, allowing for experienced players to create new plays around a different skill set.

Last year, Garrett Markarian served as boys’ assistant coach alongside Frank Brunnemann. This year he became coach, and he understands the inner workings of FC boys’ soccer. 

This is not Avedian’s first experience with soccer, although it is his first time playing in high school. He returned because he wanted to participate in a sport during his last year at Fresno Christian.

“I originally played soccer for a couple years in elementary school with my friends, at Peoples Church,” Avedian said. “However, in fourth grade, I decided to drop out because I wasn’t interested anymore. I’d wanted to start playing again since sophomore year. I knew I wanted to play a sport during high school, and soccer was the only one I had experience with.”

Any sport requires dedication and discipline, but a new player must develop this quickly. Avedian was ready for this challenge; he worked hard to learn and improve his skills on the field.

It’s a little bit of a learning curve, as I try to make up for the years I missed,” Avedian said. “Especially since I’m coming in as pretty much a beginner, because most people expect seniors to be pretty skilled in their sport. But I’m trying to make do with it. I really just want to see myself improve over the season, I don’t expect to be some great player, but I’d like to reach some mid-level goals before it ends. Maybe score a goal by the end of the season, we’ll see.

Avedian’s mother, Jennifer Avedian, observes his consistently positive and outgoing attitude.

When he was younger, his father and I ‘volun-told’ him to serve others,” Jennifer said. “As he has gotten older, he has grown to understand the value of service.  He understands that God has designed us in his image and part of that image is selfless service to others. Even if he is afraid of failing, it doesn’t stop him from trying.  Starting soccer his senior year, when he only has a little elementary school experience is a good example of his spirit.”

The obstacles stacked against an incoming player often discourages many from joining; however, Avedian was not intimidated. His determination to continuously strive for success sets him apart from the rest of the team.

Feather Staff | The Feather Online

Although he will be new to the team this year, Avedian played soccer in elementary school.

Teammate and four-year player Braden Bell recognizes the skills Avedian contributes.

“He is very hard working,” Bell said. “Even though this may be one of his very first times playing he is very hard working and plays with his best effort.”

Being part of the team community is what Avedian enjoys most about the sport.

My favorite part about playing is spending time with the other players,” Avedian said. “I’m meeting a lot of new freshmen and sophomores that I never would have met before. I know most of the senior class and juniors, so it’s nice to meet some new people.”

Avedian consistently pushes himself outside of his comfort zone to be a part of a team. Outside of soccer he can be found participating a number of extracurricular activities like S.T.E.M. club and boy scouts.

Come out to support Avedian and the rest of the team Jan. 9. The Eagles face off against Parlier at the FC North Field Stadium.

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