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Eagles prepare for league under new coach

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

The Eagles lost their first league game against Parlier, Jan. 9.

2018 has begun! A new year brings new a season and expectations for FCS sport teams. For the boys varsity soccer team, a new season brings a new challenge to be conquered.

After losing four seniors last season, the team must rebuild with younger players. Previous coach Matt Markarian is now this seasons FCS high school girls coach. The girls have had a successful preseason and are now entering their season as well.

This being so, a new head coach has stepped into the role of leading the boys. Frank Brunnemann, with the assistance of Garrett Markarian, has led this team through the preseason. The team has played in tournaments like Garces Tournament in Bakersfield and played teams from Cambria to home in Fresno. They have won three out of seven of their preseason games.

Brunnemann is entering his first season coaching at FCS. He has coached numerous teams in the past but as a friend of Garrett and Matt Markarian, he was asked to be a co-coach of the boys team. He has seen the growth in the team and looks forward to coaching them this league season.

“From the beginning of the season, one of the things I noticed right away is that were a very young team,” Brunnemann said. “That being said, they are very intelligent. Everything that coach Garrett and I have been working on with these guys, they have been picking up and learning very quickly. They’ve been learning a lot on the fly and through the preseason we were both very surprised the have been able to be successful with the things that they learned so far.”

Brunnemann mentioned some of the challenges that stand in the way of this team.

“The big challenge going into league is that we are young,” Brunnemann said. “Most of these players are freshman and sophomore they’re new to the sport. Most of the teams that we have faced so far and anticipate facing through the rest of league, most of these players have been playing most of their lives. Physically they’re older, they’re stronger and they’re faster.

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

After hours of rain, the field conditions for the first league game were less than ideal.

“I’m looking forward to the end of the seasons just to see how well they have progressed,” Brunnemann continued. “With such a clean slate of players, many of whom have no idea of really the game, we get to mold them how we want. We are really building the future right now and we’ve seen success. We’ve seen great things from these guys and great enthusiasm from them. I really think this season is going to be really fun to watch the culmination of what they learn and get a great idea of progressing into next year.”

Richie Cortez, ‘20, is entering his second soccer season. He enjoyed the preseason and the bond that grew in the team but also looks ahead to the challenge ahead in league.

“During preseason I got to know the team a lot better and the incoming freshman,” Cortez said. “We had a good time especially at the Garces tournament and we grew a bond. The chemistry this year is a lot better than previous seasons. This season there is going to be some tough teams but we need to get our act together. We have a lot of potential for this season and we could really do something.”

Come support your Eagles! The boys recently lost their first league season game to Parlier. Their next game is home versus Fowler, January 12.

To see the complete boys season check out Fresno Christian’s website.

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