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Blake Deffenbacher | The Feather Online

Tyler Villines, ’18, leads students in worship during chapel, Jan. 11.

To begin the second semester, worship team teacher, Daniel Garrison, mixes up the 2 bands for worship chapel, Jan. 11.

The class splits into two teams, each playing every other week. With the new year, the bands intermix and form new groups. With this, students get to experience playing with a different group. As a team, the students realize that all of their musical abilities together, make a good group.

The first new group plays in Thursdays weekly worship chapel, Jan. 11. The band consists of keyboardists Wesley Hinton and Alex Rurik, bass player Nathan Martin, electric guitarist, Reese Trevino, drummer Ethan Hamm, and vocalists, Tyler Villines, Macie Thompson, and Kamryn Schultz. The band plays songs, Wake, Oceans, Starlight, Here Now, and Open Heaven/River Wild.

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