Sibling Series: Mackenzie and Taylor Beckworth

Sibling Series: Mackenzie and Taylor Beckworth

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Sibling Series: Mackenzie and Taylor Beckworth

This is the second in a series of articles entitled ‘Sibling Series’. Follow The Feather for more articles in the series as they are published.

Siblings share many similarities, however, some seem very different. From playing video games, watching movies and holding long conversations, Mackenzie and Taylor Beckworth remain very close.

Mackenzie Beckworth, ‘21, scores on the volleyball court, performs with the worship team in chapel and pursues her love of music and writing. Taylor Beckworth, ‘23, competes in soccer, sings in the junior high choir and performs in drama class. This year, their grade difference between them keeps the pair from sharing classes and sports. The two share a relationship full of laughter and humor at home.

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Mackenzie (right), ’21, and Taylor, ’23, share similarties in school as perfectionists.

Father of Mackenzie and Taylor, Samuel Beckworth, serves as the pastor at GateWay City Church in Clovis alongside his wife, Kim Beckworth. He loves that they both attend FC and believes there are no downsides enrolling them both. He loves the opportunities both are presented with to serve.

“We’re honored they’re both at the same school, especially at Fresno Christian,” Samuel said.  “There are no cons. In addition to their being challenged academically the way they are at FCS, I am most pleased that they have the best opportunity to serve God completely and fulfill God’s will in their generation. Any place that honors the name of Jesus gives the people in that environment the potential to thrive in life. I’m not so sure that blessing can be measured.

“As parents, we love hearing them laugh almost uncontrollably as they talk together in their rooms,” Samuel continued. “Although they are very different in many ways, they have a bond that no other person will ever share as sisters. Coaching and watching them appreciate what they have in each other has been big for us as parents. They have their mom to thank for that.”

Samuel is appreciative of how Mackenzie and Taylor are finding avenues of growing together. 

We both have a sense of humor, a fire for the Lord, we are both family oriented and huge perfectionists. I usually would like to watch a movie, I’m always ready to go somewhere and be with friends and Kenz would sometimes like to withdraw and write, listen to music and be with God. — Taylor Beckworth

“They admire each other immensely for their individual strengths and qualities but showing that admiration is another thing entirely,” Samuel said. “Watching them grow at expressing their love for each other, maturing at respecting each other’s way of thinking, learning to process what’s going on inside of them honestly yet respectfully and defending one another has been an awesome and rewarding process.”

According the the sisters, both of them are very different. Mackenzie is more introverted and that Taylor holds more extroverted tendencies. They consider themselves very close despite their different personalities.

“Yes, I consider we are close, even though we have the most different personalities,” Mackenzie said. “We still clash at times, but I still consider her very close to me.”

Mackenzie and Taylor are able to grow throughout these years together. They both acknowledge they are very close, however, they still argue and try not to carry their arguments to school but leave them at home.

“Taylor and I, when we are in the middle of a fight, normally try to act nice while at school,” Mackenzie said. “Then we blow up at home. But that’s not normally what happens. Honestly, we try to avoid each other so later we can talk about everything.”

Courtesy of the Beckworth family

Taylor enjoys soccer and drama while Mackenzie pursues music and writing.

They share lots of the same traits but both acknowledge their differences.

“We both have a sense of humor, a fire for the Lord, we are both family oriented and huge perfectionists,” Taylor said. “I usually would like to watch a movie, I’m always ready to go somewhere and be with friends and Kenz would sometimes like to withdraw and write, listen to music and be with God.”

The Beckworth girls may not get to spend a lot of time together at school but they share an understanding for each other and their different personalities. However, they  have forged ways to bond and be together that work for them. Both anticipate receiving good grades and growing their faith throughout their years of high school.

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