Seniors await replies after sending in applications

Seniors await replies after sending in applications

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Students send in final applications, scholarships

Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

After spending months working on applications, seniors now find themselves waiting for acceptance letters.

College applications are submitted and now seniors must wait. According to a recent poll, over 30% of the FC senior class want to stay in Fresno after high school, while the rest plan to travel out of the city for their college experience. Whether community college, military employment or a private university, students anticipate the moment to discover where they will spend the next few years of their lives.

While many students rely on scholarships for college admission, others are taking extra steps to prepare for their future. Senior Alyssa Melillo attended a business leadership academy last summer at Mercy College in New York, hoping to advance her knowledge in business and finance.

“I applied to UC Irvine, Long Beach State and Fresno State,” Melillo said. “I am really excited for this new chapter in my life and to focus on my career. I’m taking Econ this year which is really interesting because I love business, and this past summer I went to a business leadership academy where I was surrounded by other students who have a passion for business. We took different classes and learned all about the different aspects of the business world.”

Jaden Ventura | The Feather Online

Survey created by The Feather Online.

For some, college is not only a way to advance academically, but to experience new places and people. Ultimately wanting to study international business, senior Jacob Avedian anticipates college with an excitement to pursue his career.

“I currently plan on attending either Fresno State or California Maritime Academy,” Avedian said. “My ultimate decision will be based on the number of financial aids and scholarships I receive. My goal in the future is to work in high management, potentially internationally. I most look forward to meeting new people in college and trying new experiences. I feel that college is a way to test out the new world before entering it as an adult.”

Evangelina Tello, academic advisor at Fresno Christian, plays a big part in helping seniors make decisions about college. Tello makes sure students feel confident in their college choices and are informed about any important application details.

“When working with seniors, I want to make sure that whatever college they plan on going to they have taken the correct courses to make sure they are eligible for the admission process,” Tello said. “It’s really exciting to see the students search for different colleges, programs, and majors and get excited about college. I was happy to ease any stress that the students had. It’s really awesome to be able to provide my services to the people here at Fresno Christian.”

If seniors plan on receiving financial aid for college, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) deadline is March 2nd. Students are advised to apply for any other scholarships now while waiting for acceptance letters.

Partnering with Tello in the college admission process, Andrea Donaghe, senior English teacher on campus, assists seniors in keeping them aware of due dates and needed transcripts to send off to colleges. She reads over applications and encourages students to work toward the college of their choice.

It’s really exciting to help students get into the college of their choice,” Donaghe said. “For most of them, this is something they look forward to. This is a big decision. The students are very fortunate to have community colleges, a private college, and a state school so close to them. Then we enter the spring and that is when they start getting their letters of recommendation and then their letters of acceptance. There is nothing like it when they get accepted. They’re excited, you’re excited and even if you haven’t had them all four years, you’ve been a part of their lives. I’m invested in the kids and I want what’s best for them.”

Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

According to a poll, a few seniors prefer to stay local for college, however most want to venture outside of Fresno.

Seniors anticipate acceptance letters to come around March and prepare by applying for scholarships and financial aid. Students make sure they have taken all necessary classes and hope to be accepted by the college of their choice.

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    Juliana Lozano January 17, 2018 at 2:26 pm - Reply

    Great article, Addison! Loved reading about what others are doing for college and seeing what Ms.Tello and Mrs.Donaghe had to say about everything!

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    Great article Addi, student and adviser comments are important to hear when contemplating making big decisions, congrats

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    Gosh thinking about college is so intimidating, but also so exciting. Reading this brings upon so many emotions, but especially the excitement for a new chapter in my life to begin.

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