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Cayla Rivas | The Feather Online

Alina Davila, ’19, is surprised by Tyler Villines, ’18, as he asks her to NOTS, Feb. 14.

Tyler Villines, ’18, asks Alina Davila, ’19, to NOTS (Night of the Stars), Feb. 14.

Throughout the day, Villines tasked friends of Davila to bring her a single rose during each class period with a note taped to each flower. The last rose’s note informed her the last present awaited in the court yard. As she approached the big red box, Villines jumped up and surprised her, asking her to the FC formal.

Davila was pleasantly surprised as she received each rose.

“When I got all the roses, I thought it was super cute,” Davila said. “I had no idea he was going to ask me to formal, I just thought he was giving me a valentines present but I’m really looking forward to going to NOTS with him.”

Villines prepared for the special surprise a week in advance, planning out all of the details to ask her.

“I wanted to tie in gifts for Valentines Day with asking her formal,” Villines said. “That way it would be even more of a surprise for her.”

NOTS will be Friday, Aug. 6.

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