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Bethany Pouliot | The Feather Online

Winter guard perform a routine named “Welcome to the Doll House”, Feb. 9.

Seven winter guard campus members perform at the SJVCGPR (San Joaquin Valley Color Guard and Percussion Review) competition at Granite Ridge Intermediate School, Feb. 9.

Group members performed a three-minute routine named “Welcome to the Doll House”. Members dressed up as fictional characters and used props such as a cardboard doll house, hula hoops, riffles, and sabers.

After her group’s performance, Coach Lesley Bannister talks about how they used their last performance to improve this performance.

“We took the critiques that the judges gave us and we were able to implement those revisions and make a few changes and tweaks to our routine,” Bannister said. “The judges previously said that we needed to be a little more theatrical, so we added makeup and costumes to enhance the dramatic element of the performance.”

Members include Brennen Tozlian, Shauna Howard, Cassie Ledet, Madison Bryant, Reyna Plascencia, Brittany McCann and Selah Draper.

The winter guard’s next competition’s host is still to be determined, March 9. Return to The Feather for further updates.

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