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Jacob Hyatt impressed with service, taste

Jacob Hyatt | The Feather Online

Sophomore Deborah Ingerson rolls ice cream at Jabin Rolled Ice Cream. Ingerson has worked there since the opening, Jan. 10.

Jabin Rolled Ice Cream is a rolled ice cream shop located on the corner of Friant and Fort Washington. As the first of its kind in the Woodward Park area, Jabin provides handmade ice cream as soon as you order. Jabin held a soft opening to nail down technique, Jan. 9, followed by a grand opening celebration, Feb. 10. 

Rolled ice cream first began in the streets of Taiwan with street vendors creating iconic performances upon ordering. Today, rolled ice-cream places have popped up all across the USA. 

When you step into the medium-sized store, you notice a specific theme. Full white walls and tables contrast with black chairs that matching the striped shirts worn by the staff. Current pop music meshed well with the modern white furniture. Seating was a tad scarce with few tables. I would describe the overall atmosphere as a modern take on the Baskin Robbins store model.

Ordering at Jabin is a unique ice-cream experience. You begin by picking one out of the ten different base flavors, then two of the 14 toppings and top it all off with one of the four drizzles. This simplistic but vast menu creates a unique take on ice cream.

The helpful staff answered any of my questions about the menu and offered suggestions about certain flavors they prefer. While the menu is fairly simplistic, the sheer amount of combinations you can make is daunting.

I told the staff what specific flavor I was trying to capture and they tailored the rolled ice-cream to the taste I longed for. I ended up settling on a strawberry, graham cracker base with fresh strawberries, whipped cream and a strawberry drizzle.

Campus sophomore Deborah Ingerson has worked at Jabin since the soft opening. She elaborates on what it is like working at Jabin.

Jacob Hyatt | The Feather Online

The very helpful staff aided my journey of finding the specific taste I was looking for. 

“My first day working was Jan. 10,” Ingerson said. “My favorite part of working at Jabin is being able to have fun with all my coworkers. The hardest part about working at Jabin would be making the ice cream. It makes my hands and back so sore. It is surprisingly hard.”

Offering a unique texture and customizable flavor Jabin rolled ice cream is a great alternative to the mainstream ice-cream brands like Coldstone and Baskin Robbins.

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