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Senior shares story of growth, future expectations

Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

Juliana Lozano is The Feather’s blog editor and often posts articles such as book reviews.

The idea of joining a publication first appeared intimidating. After participating in AP US History with teacher and journalism advisor Kori Friesen and having a conversation with her about one of my persuasive essays, the idea bloomed.

Writing has continued to be an integral element in my life. Whether creative or more journalistic, it is always an escape that I confide in. Finding out there was a place that existed for me where I could review books, write creatively and challenge myself by exploring new forms of writing seemed like heaven on earth. Joining my high school newspaper brought in a whirlwind of unexpected obstacles.

One of the first articles I ran was with co-authored by another staffer. Our initial assignment brought us to the Clovis Farmers Market. My first challenge appeared here- interviewing someone. Of course, the first interview turned out to be difficult, but in time I gained confidence and began to transform from a shy, nervous student to a journalist. This skill started spreading into other areas of my life as well.

During weeks such as Scholastic Journalism Week, I learned to work together with The Feather’s team just as I would with a sports team.

From making good impressions with classmates, and teachers, to meeting the Director of a Community Hospital, professionalism creates pathways for students to connect themselves with others. The Feather created a way to practice professionalism in an environment where making mistakes the first times were okay, and learning from them promoted.

Being a blog editor was a title I fell into soon after beginning my own blog. I loved my “job” of reading and sharing my thoughts and pretty soon I gained enough responsibility in posting my own work weekly that I managed another blog. Checking over and helping others with their reviews became another responsibility. Coming into senior year, the official title became a part of what I do. I now manage blogs of people in and outside our staff, help post reviews, all while running my own articles. It’s enjoyable, reading through the work of others, especially the student body who wish to contribute to our paper.

My journey with The Feather, although much shorter than many others as only a two-year span pushes me daily to be inquisitive, curious and crave stories. Everyone gets words of advice from Greg Stobbe and Kori Friesen. Whether the classic, “WE GOT THIS!” or something personal, I have a specific phrase that sticks with me.

“Everyone has a story. Dig deep, and find it.”

As my story continues, I’m reaching for the stars. Or, the equivalent to. If you’ve ever started a conversation with me about college, you’ll gain two main pieces of information. One, this kid is dreaming big. Two, she’ll stay in school forever. When I mention going into neuroscience, the first question usually asked is “What is that?” Neuroscience, despite it’s gaining popularity, still is not well known. The study of the brain fascinates me and despite the daunting task of studying for years, I look forward to the time it will take to learn a new topic and gain familiarity with biology and the brain.

Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

While Lozano looks to pursue a career in neuroscience, she believes journalism has helped equip her with tools she will use in her future occupation.

How does this tie in with The Feather? I’ve been able to hone my skills with researching and writing to prepare me for my future. The Feather and the advisers supports those who hold ambition and is a place where students grow as people and as writers.

I have enjoyed the challenge brought about by posting often and the engagement in the community I’ve gained throughout these past two years. I am so very thankful for the place I am now and the friends I’ve made in this class who challenge me and encourage me to keep writing on a daily basis.

To those wanting to join but have a fear of Stobbe, let me tell you that he takes getting used to. But keep in mind that the yelling is passionate because he believes in you. To those wanting to join but have a fear of the workload, The Feather is like any other team, we support each other and help one another learn. Lastly, to the creative and curious kids like my old self, join The Feather, challenge yourself, and you’ll be grateful for the skills you gain.

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