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Roman Endicott, Tyler Villines share campus leadership roles

Cayla Rivas | The Feather Online

Senior Tyler Villines (center) is crowned homecoming king along side friend Roman Endicott (right), Oct. 6.

Being part of a team means working together in every aspect, cooperating in order to advance the team. New players must pick up this skill quickly, looking to long term players for guidance. Seniors Roman Endicott and Tyler Villines take this role in stride, using their friendship to connect on the field.

After entering Fresno Christian in elementary school, Endicott and Villines became close the beginning of their freshman year. Throughout high school, the two further bonded through various activities. After being nominated as Kings for Homecoming and taking up football, the duo now remain inseparable.

Their self-proclaimed ‘bromance’ lead the two to bond outside of the classroom as well as on the field. Villines appreciates Endicott’s consistently dependable nature.

“He’s always there to pick me up, whether it’s emotionally or in school, and he holds me accountable,” Villines said. “He’s someone I know I can always turn to and rely on if I ever need something. What’s great is that because we are both so different in many ways, we are able to get each others perspectives and make the right decisions in different situations.

“It’s cool because in football this year we were both captains on the team,” Villines continued. “Being able to have both of us playing I felt like we worked off of each other well to bring people up. It helps for us to be a foundation and keep the team strong, but also keep each other accountable. “

Their differing personalities allow for a dynamic partnership during games and practices. Varsity baseball coach Noah Heinz acknowledges the advantages this creates on the field.

“Roman and Tyler have been friends for such a long time and the two really get along well,” Heinz said. “They play off of each other well and both have fun personalities which makes everyone around them more enjoyable. Their friendship allows them to lead by example, both of them are leaders on and off the field. They naturally tend to take charge out there, especially in their senior year with so many freshmen, sophomores and juniors on the team.”

Mariana Fikse | The Feather Online

Villines (left) and Endicott (right) pose for a homecoming formal photo shoot. The two have played several sports together throughout high school.

Endicott’s cool and collected nature drove him to become ASB president, whereas Villines’ passionate attitude led him to serve on the worship team. The two excel in different aspects, contributing strengths to each other’s weaknesses.

Endicott praises their differences, believing that this is what allows their friendship to be so compatible.

“Tyler is a ball of fire,” Endicott said. “He has passion, and sometimes that’s hard for me to keep up with. He helps me stay motivated, and we lean on and confide in each other. We really balance each other out. Tyler and I can definitely use our chemistry to talk to each other without saying anything on the field. We’ve made some fun plays together, and it’s just a great way that we work together.”

Head football coach Russ Counts acknowledges the dedication they both put in when playing a sport.

“Roman and Tyler are true friends through thick and thin,” Counts said. “I believe one of the things that helps their friendship to be so strong is their healthy competitiveness with each other. They seem to drive each other to be better. Roman and Tyler each lead in different ways; Roman leads from a quiet confidence and Tyler leads from a passionate and vocal standpoint. This is why I believe they work so well on and off the field. Their personal leadership styles are uniquely different yet very compatible with each other.”

The tweet below showcases the duo during homecoming week.

As senior year comes to a close for Endicott and Villines, the two are left with bittersweet memories. Come out and support the duo in their first baseball home game against the Roosevelt Rough Riders, Feb. 24.

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