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Students anticipate new volunteer opportunities during school event

Serve Day is a yearly campus tradition for campus high school and junior high students, which gives students the opportunity to serve several non-profits, community organizations and churches around the Fresno area. This is the fifth consecutive year FC administration has orchestrated this event and takes place instead of school on Thursday, March. 1. Junior high students remain at FC to help with various projects and campus beautification.

Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

Last year, Fresno Mayor Lee Brand encouraged the student body before they were sent out to their locations, March 3.

The places HS students visited last year include the Community Food Bank, Graffiti Abatement, City Park cleanup, Community Center cleanup, Raintree Convalescent, Tree Fresno project, Kepler Elementary School, Wellness Center cleanup, Discovery Center cleanup, Church Food Distribution and helping set up Fresno CityFest.

Similarly, this year students may return to the Community Food Bank and Raintree Convalescent Hospital. New this year are Reading Heart, Wesley United Church, F.I.R.M and the ReStore program.

Reading Heart presents books to children in hospitals and in less privileged areas. Habitat for Humanity builds homes for people who can not afford one. Part of Habitat for Humanity is their ReStore program, a store available to buy appliances from, which is another location where students will serve.

While organizers planned on sending students to certain locations, due to weather, some locations have been moved inside and some locations have been switched.

Serve Day organizer Robert Foshee appreciates the day and the opportunity it allows students to gain experience. Foshee looks forward to serving the new organizations added.

“Its when high school students take the day off and go serve in the community,” Foshee said. “We go serve at many different nonprofits and help those people. This is our sixth year doing this as a whole school. We have done this through CSF or different class will do it on their own but this is the sixth year that we have done it as a whole school.

“The only change I think we have made was changing the places every once in awhile,” Foshee continued. “We look for the different needs of each place. We have to the food bank a few times but not every year. We have also done graffiti clean up but not every year. The organizations will change but the day hasn’t changed much as far as the format.

“I think that serve day is important because of our verse this year which talks about being in the body of Christ,” Foshee continued. “That is not just on campus, meaning going out into the city we love and city we live in, Fresno. My favorite part about the day is seeing everyone come together students, alumni and parents to serve our community.”

Jaideep Chhina, ’21, speaks about the upcoming Serve Day. As a new student, Chhina to the school reveals his excitement to participate.  

“I have never done Serve Day before,” Chhina said. “I am really excited to get out in the community. I am also excited to serve with my friends. It’s a great thing that will get the whole school involved in the community.”

Hunter Nale, ‘20, has been an FC student since kindergarten. Having done Serve Day for three years already, Nale is looking forward to serving in the community.

“I love Serve Day,” Nale said. “It is a chance for me to give back to the community and to help people. To add to the fact that I am giving back, it feels good to serve people. This is my chance to do that. I also think that this is an opportunity that gives me good life experience.”

Serve Day is March 1, students will go to their second period class until, 9:30 then students will go to the quad to be separated into groups to go to their serve sites. Busses are scheduled to leave by 10 a.m. Students will then wrap up serving at their designated sites and board the buses for school, returning between 1:30 and 2 p.m.

Students absent from the Feb. 20 chapel and missed location sign ups, can contact Robert Foshee via email, to find out where they will be, March 1.

To read more about previous Serve Days, read: FC Serve Day promotes community service. For another article, read COLUMN: Becoming a smarter news consumer.

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