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Rather than attending school on Thursday, March 1, the junior high and high school participated in the fifth annual serve day. Junior high stayed at FC and helped out around campus, while high school was deployed around the city at six different locations.

Community Food Bank, Raintree Convalescent HospitalReading Heart, Wesley United Church, F.I.R.M and the ReStore program are the sites where the students volunteered. 

The Feather staff spoke with many students and volunteers who were at the locations. Feel free to join the discussion by leaving a comment below!

Serving the Lord
Kristi Foster, weekly volunteer at the Community Food Bank
Community Food Bank

“I volunteer here at the food bank every Thursday. I enjoy volunteering because that’s what the Lord tells us to do. The biggest reason why I volunteer is because of my faith. At the food bank I pack food in backpacks, sort Capri suns, and work in the bread and fruit departments. I also volunteer at a thrift store downtown on Wednesdays. I really enjoy serving.”

Cayla Rivas | The Feather Online

Students at the Community Food Bank helped sort and pack Capri Suns, March 1.

Giving back to the community
Richie Cortez, Sophomore
Community Food Bank

“My job at the food bank was to restock packs of beans and set them up for the people to put in bags. We needed to get the bags finished quickly because they are distributing food today. Serving is important to me because it feels good when you to it. You get a good feeling and you’re not doing it for anything in return. I have volunteered at some other places before and it always feels good to give back to the community and seeing the smiles on all of the faces.”

Setting a good example
Jacob Provost, Senior
Community Food Bank

“I had a lot of fun being able to serve at the food bank and to work with people that I normally don’t get to be around. We packed bags of food and formed an assembly line to put the food in the bags. I thought that it was going to be a good place to volunteer my time at. The food bank helps the community by receiving donations of food or money and takes it to the children of Fresno. My role as a leadership student was to be super positive about the work at hand, work hard, and set an example for the other students at the site.”

God calls us to be servants
Josh Oakley, Senior
Community Food Bank

“Today at the Community Food Bank, I unpacked granola bars that will be distributed to people in need. Volunteering allows us to help people and serve others. God calls us to be servants. Volunteering shows me that I have so much to be thankful for and that I need to give back to the community that has done so much for me.”

Cayla Rivas | The Feather Online

Students at ReStore helped with construction efforts within the building.

Dislikes volunteering, likes serving
Austin Duffy, Junior
Community Food Bank

“I don’t really like to volunteer but it’s a good thing to do regardless. High school students should volunteer if they want to help less fortunate people. My favorite part of serve day was eating lunch and I also enjoyed helping people.”

Showing God’s Love
Steven Hayes, Sophomore
Community Food Bank

“Serve day is a great opportunity to learn how to work together. You spend a couple hours working as a team just doing everything we can to help make Fresno a better city. Not a lot of schools or groups do this kind of stuff so the fact that we can show God’s love through serving our community is an absolute blessing.”

Lending a hand
Blake Burdan, Sophomore
Community Food Bank

“I like serve day because it is a good opportunity to go out and do work I normally wouldn’t do. It’s good to get out and help the community. Lending a hand and showing others the heart of Christ is important.”

Showing God through actions
Faith Monroy, Freshman
Habitat for Humanity ReStore

“I thought we were going thrifting today, but it turned out to be a retail hardware store and I am really enjoying myself. We organized wood and plumbing supplies and we put organized shelves. I really liked the people working here, they worked with such an open attitude and were really nice. I like serving the community because it is a great way to show God through us.”

Cayla Rivas | The Feather Online

This is the fifth year campus students have participated in FC Serve Day.

Looking good for colleges
Shi (Andy) Lyu, Senior
Habitat for Humanity ReStore

“This is my third time doing serve day. I came to ReStore because it’s fun to go outside school and be with my friends. I like to serve because it’s a good experience for me and a good thing to say when I go to college. I organized folders and stacked shelves. My favorite part is organizing and putting stuff away here.”

Having fun with pals
Morgan Parker, Freshman
Reading Heart

“I enjoyed volunteering for Reading heart because I got to spend time with my friends while we organized the books! I expected it to be less exciting than it really was! It was actually fun with the music and my friends! I think it is good to volunteer because we are helping the kids in our city that are less fortunate by giving them the opportunity to read! We had the tasks of organizing books based on reading level like 1-3 and 4-6 grades etc. We also folded boxes for the books to go in!”

Psychological Satisfaction
Joey Huang, Senior
Reading Heart

“I enjoyed spending time with my friends while serving the community. I knew that we would be organizing books for donation, and I was in charge of stamping and organizing the books. I think volunteering is a way to realize what a good life we are living and do our best to help others in need. It provides psychological satisfaction and an insight into what the world out there is like.”

Interacting with people
Avery Jones, Sophomore
Raintree Convalescent Home

“Today I liked how we got to interact with other people. I don’t think that serving is something that we get to do everyday. It is very important that we get to get out and experience what other people are going through.”

Bettering the community
Ronnie Peterson, Junior
Habitat for Humanity ReStore

“Today I had the opportunity to serve for my community at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. We helped organize fan motors by taking them apart and ordering them. We also helped clean out the store itself by moving doors around. My favorite part of the day was getting to work with my friends and help better the community.”

Serving rather than school
Samantha Portale, Freshman
F.I.R.M (Fresno Interdenominational Refugee Ministry)“We are at F.I.R.M, the Fresno Interdenominational Refugee Ministry and we are cleaning out the buildings and the offices, we’re redoing this guys office and pulling out all his carpet. My favorite part about serve day is going out into our community and serving on a day that we could be in school, but instead we’re going out and doing something to help other people.”

Making other’s lives easier
Paige Provost, Freshman
F.I.R.M (Fresno Interdenominational Refugee Ministry)

“We’re at F.I.R.M doing Serve Day, I think it is important because we are helping people and we are taking time out of our day to help make someone else’s life easier. I love taking time out of my day to just help other people, and it feels good to get out and help the community. Serve Day is important for the community, because they might see what we’re doing and think that it’s a good idea and they decide to do it as well.”

Relieving others
Macie Thompson, Junior
Wesley United Church

Cayla Rivas | The Feather Online

Some students stayed on campus to help with Reading Heart by sorting and packing books.

“I served at Wesley United Church and I chose to work there because I thought it would be super cool to help them in their thrift store, ‘The Pink Cow’,” Thompson said. “I loved getting to help them organize the store and see all of the volunteers work together and spread God’s love. I loved that all of the workers wanted the best for all of the people who were buying. They wanted to show God’s love and I loved how thankful they were for our group to come and help them out. They kept saying how they would love for us to come back and help even more. I think I have made a difference but hanging up all the clothes and helping organize their store, it was so cool. When we had finished organizing the store they looked so relieved and I was so thankful that I and others could help them out like that.”

Great opportunity
Alina Ochoa, Junior
Wesley United Church

“I served at Wesley United Church,” Ochoa said. “I really enjoyed helping out the community and giving back to those who need it. We got to organize and sort clothes for their thrift store; it’s great we get an opportunity like this at school.”

Representing Fresno Christian
Angelica Escalera, Junior
Habitat for Humanity ReStore

“Serve day is a great way to get out into the community and help people and represent Fresno Christian in a positive way. I went to the reSTORE for Hope for Humanity. We disassembled fans and helped clean and organize the  warehouse. It may not have been a direct in person experience with people in the community but we made a difference in the process.”

Slideshow below includes images from FC Serve Day 2018.

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