RECAP: Winter sports awards banquet honors students, coaches

RECAP: Winter sports awards banquet honors students, coaches

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Athletes recognized for contributions to team, school

Cayla Rivas | The Feather Online

Alexander Rurik (center), ’19, shakes the hands of teammates and coaches after receiving an award at the winter sports awards banquet.

With spring just around the corner and new sports seasons already underway, the campus Winter Sports Awards Banquet honored athletes who have already turned in their uniforms. The banquet recognized both varsity boys and girls soccer, varsity boys and girls basketball and JV boys basketball, in the Peoples Church gym,March 5.

Coaches of each sport got an opportunity to share their favorite parts of the season and some of their favorite memories. They got to present players with awards such as the coaches awards and MVP.

For varsity boys soccer, Andrew Rieker , ‘21, was awarded the coaches award and Alexander Rurik, ‘19, was given the MVP award. Most improved went to Jaden Ventura, ‘18, and Nathan Mount, ’18, was the recipient of the captain’s award. Rurik received First-Team All-League while Mount and Aaron LeCroix were awarded Second-Team All-Leage.

Rieker, who received the coaches award, felt honored to win this award because it does not just reflect skill but also character. He worked to become a starting player in a new position.

“It was pretty cool for me because I am a freshman and also because I feel like this award reflects not only about how one plays but also about character and a person’s ability to take correction and rebuke,” Rieker said. “My favorite part of the season was at an away game against Porterville. I was put in the position to step and fill an injured player’s position and then from that game on I started games in that position.”

I hope I can leave behind the legacy to never give up anything that you do and finish everything you start. I hope they remember how hard you are supposed to work on the court and how much fun you can have together off the court. I hope they remember to never give up and keep striving for excellence. — Jacob Provost

Rieker hopes to improve, both his playing skills and character during his next three years of high school. He is looking forward to making more memories and becoming a leader. He hopes to win more games in the future with his team.

“I hope to improve my character and then obviously improve as a soccer player,” Rieker said. “I also am looking forward to leading my fellow teammates in the future. My goal for myself is to win a valley championship and develop as a person. I also am looking forward to all the great memories I will make with friends.”

Girls varsity soccer awards consisted of Maicy Luginbill, ‘18, receiving the Eagle Award and Annabelle Messer, ’20, was awarded the coaches award. Defender of the year was Lauryn Tucker, ‘18, and Jenna Bynum received MVP.

Messer, the recipient of the coaches award, is so proud of her team, despite being the runner up for this years valley championship. She loved the entire season, even the losses. Messer hopes to keep improving as a team.

“I was a little bummed out because we didn’t win first place, but I was very proud of our team and what we had achieved,” Messer said. “We had come so far and really grew this year as a team. I can’t think of a favorite part of this season, because I loved it all. I loved all the games even the hard ones we lost. I hope that our team will keep improving and that we will learn how to work together as a team. My goal is to win the valley championship and bring home the win!”

Cayla Rivas | The Feather Online

Erin Wilson, ’18, embraces coach Robert Foshee after receiving the Eagle Award.

The JV boys basketball team gave out three awards. Most improved was given to Ryan Brazil, ‘20, and MVP was awarded to Max Muñoz, ‘20. Hunter Nale, ’20, was the recipient of the Eagle Award.

Muñoz was awarded MVP. He reminisces about a game where he scored 22 points as his favorite game of the season and hopes to improve his skills and maybe even win a ring in the future seasons.

“My favorite games was a home game against Fowler, where I scored 22 points,” Muñoz said. “I hope to always be improving my skills more and more throughout the future seasons. I always aim to play and work hard in the off-season, maybe even go to a few training camps. I hope to have a 30 plus point game and maybe a ring in the future, no matter where I choose to play next year.”

Varsity girls basketball awards consisted of MVP being awarded to Macie Thompson, ‘19, Ashley Zamarippa, ‘19, won the leadership award and Kayla Vanderlinden, ‘20, was the recipient of the Eagle Award.  Erin Wilson, ‘18, was given the defensive player of the year award and Hannah Villines, ‘21, was given the offensive player of the year award.

Wilson, defensive player of the year, was also voted first team all league along with Thompson. For her, it was awesome for her to get to look back on all her hard work and see that it payed off. She has lots of fond memories of the season.

“It was absolutely awesome to win this award and it was really important to me to be able to look back and realize that all my hard work paid off,” Wilson said. “My favorite game of this season would have to be the Fowler game at home. We had just had a hard loss to Parlier but instead of giving up, we worked hard and beat that team for the first time in my high school experience. My favorite memory would have to be when we all got together after the last game and talked about how much we appreciated each other and the wonderful season we had.”

Wilson hopes to leave behind a legacy of encouragement and community. She hopes that her younger teammates remember that the relationships that they are building are more important than the score. Wilson encourages them to keep diligently working.

“I hope to leave behind a legacy of encouragement and community. I love to lift people up so I truly hope I was a positive force on the team,” Wilson said. “I hope they remember that the bonds you make with your teammates are way more important than any record or game score. The most amazing thing about sports are the bonds you form with girls who have become your family. I would tell them to always be encouraging and to keep working hard because there are great things in this team’s future.”

Varsity boys basketball awards were given to Wyatt Koop, ‘18, who received MVP and Carston Saelzer, ‘21, was given most improved. The Eagle Award was given to Jacob Provost, ‘18, and Brandon Brogan was awarded defensive player of the year.

The varsity boys basketball team votes amongst themselves on who should receive what awards. The recipients of the awards are chosen by their peers. Provost was awarded the Eagle Award and sees it as an important gesture from his team. He enjoyed getting to play with his teammates and enjoyed getting to see when the team was finally becoming one. He reflects on this being his last season high school basketball.

Cayla Rivas | The Feather Online

Members of the girls soccer team are recognized by coach Matt Markarian.

“The award itself was not as important to me as the gesture from my coaches and teammates,” Provost said. “My favorite part of the season was being able to play the great game of basketball with my fantastic teammates. My favorite game was when we played Frazier Mountain because, after that game, our team really came together as one. It’s never fun knowing that something you have to end something that you enjoy and you try and make as many memories as possible.”

He hopes the team remembers to never give up and finish anything you start. Provost hopes that they remember to work hard and keep striving to be the best they can be.

“I hope I can leave behind the legacy to never give up anything that you do and finish everything you start,” Provost said. “I hope they remember how hard you are supposed to work on the court and how much fun you can have together off the court. I hope they remember to never give up and keep striving for excellence.”

Winter sports were very successful and the teams spent the season working hard and bonding. They hope to have successful future seasons and continue to grow the programs for each sport. 

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