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Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

A white rose is placed in honor of a specific person’s name on their birthday, March 14.

NYC Feather team of 2018 did a walk through tour of the Tenement Museums, remembered the tragedy of September 11, 2001 by witnessing the memorial, and danced to the broadway production of Hello Dolly, March 14.

 During the first event of the day, staff members visited the Tenement Museum and went on three different tours.  These were called ‘Irish Outsiders’, ‘Hard Times’, or ‘Sweat Shops’.
Each of these consisted of an hour walk through tour of a tenement home located in New York City. A tenement is a home consisting of three or more separate families living in the same building.
Our next stop was to the 9/11 memorial. This consisted of two reflections pools which were the actual bases of the twin towers that once stood above New York.
Around the pools were the names of each person that had fallen with the buildings. A white rose, however, is only seen when honoring the individuals birthday on their name engraved alongside the pools.
To end the day, Feather members attended the broadway show of Hello Dolly.
Tonight, Dolly was played by 70-year-old Bernadette Peters. Mariana Fikse talks about her final opinion about the show.
“I really enjoyed ‘Hello Dolly’ and thought that its musical numbers and dancing was what made it a wonderful show,” Fikse said. “The fact that they had so many notable stars in their cast made the show even more memorable. I could tell that they had a lot of experience. It was also pretty cool to look over and see Jennifer Garner in the audience!”
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Slideshow images below show The Feather’s journey through New York City’s buildings and streets, March 13.

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