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Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

In the first session of the 94th annual CSP Spring Convention, Feather adviser Kori Friesen lectures on choosing a photo with the most potential as your feature image, March 14.

Feather adviser Kori Friesen lectures ‘Photojournalism: Your image as a Hook’ for the first day of the 94th annual CSPA Spring Convention, March 14. She teaches the group of publication and yearbook students the importance of engaging the audience through imagery.

Friesen also shares some statistics about social media. 330 million Twitter users are active each month, 800 million Instagram users, and 2.13 billion Facebook users are active.

Within a decade, newspaper revenue has declined by half. 62% of adults get their news from a social media app.

With these statistics in mind, she shares the importance of immediate news and impactful imagery.  

Friesen makes a main emphasis on key factors of what makes a great picture. A great picture shows emotion, causes intrigue and curiosity, tells a story without words and has a visual impact. When taking a picture, there always needs to be value added.

Friesen encourages students to respect photojournalists with their creative image on their photos.

“Photography is a personal thing,” Friesen said. “Photographers are invested in that image. It helps engage the reader to read more.”

She also shares a few tips on capturing a feature worthy image. Some of the tips include, being in the place of most potential, shooting various perspectives, visualizing the final product and doing your research. 

Slideshow below includes images from The Feather’s first session presentation at the 94th annual CSPA Spring Convention.

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