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Senior aids team with four years of experience

Bryce Foshee | The Feather Online

Brandon Krueger, right, chest-bumps Tyler Villines, left, after hitting a walk-off double in March.

Whether under the Friday night lights, cheering in the Nut House, or spitting seeds in the dugout, chances of students spotting Brandon Krueger, ’18, at an FCS athletic event are high. From joining baseball his freshman year to trying out for football as a sophomore, Krueger has filled his FCS letterman jacket with more than a couple patches.

Krueger’s baseball career started when his dad, Scott Krueger, encouraged him to try playing on a little league. As someone who loves sports, he says he jumped at any chance to compete.

“I started playing baseball when I was about seven or eight years old,” Brandon said. “My dad introduced me to it. I started playing Little League and the Clovis Babe Ruth league, and once I got old enough I came here and I’ve been playing here ever since.

Brandon fulfilled his longing to play high school sports his freshman year under Noah Heinz’s varsity baseball team. Heinz appreciates Brandon’s work ethic and high energy, which he says have come clutch in key moments.

I would be sitting at home doing nothing if I didn’t have athletics. I’ve been loving sports, whether its football, basketball, baseball since I can remember. I’ve always wanted to play in high school. I’ve wanted to do every sport I can that I’m able to and Fresno Christian gives me an opportunity to do that. — Brandon Krueger

“Brandon has grown tremendously over his career here at Fresno Christian,” Heinz said. “I have quite a few favorite stories of Brandon, he’s one of the most intense players we have.”

“But my favorite story for him is last year in the playoff game at number two Lindsey,” Heinz continued. “He came up with the bases loaded and one out in the ninth inning. He had been struggling early in the game, had a couple strikeouts, but we tried to keep him positive. He ended up hitting a double down the left field line and clearing the bases, driving in three runs, it helped propel us to our valley championship, so I’ll always remember that hit.”

As the oldest of three athletic siblings, Brandon is not alone in his interest in sports. He enjoys opportunities to grow closer to his sister and two brothers, not only through competition but also through playing on the same team or same sport.

I have three siblings: I have a younger brother who also has played football here, I have a sister [Rachel]; she is playing softball as a freshman, and then I have a brother who will play baseball. My younger brother, Tyler, he started playing football his freshman year, my junior year. We’ve really bonded over that, whether its lifting weights, being on the field, me teaching him. My little brother [Logan], we play baseball all the time, whenever we can throw stuff. He’s like my throwing partner, we’ve been doing that since I can remember.”

Bryce Foshee | The Feather Online

Brandon Krueger joined a little league when he was seven years old.

Youngest brother, Logan Krueger, ’23, enjoys practicing with his brother. He also tries to make it to Brandon’s games.

“My favorite part of watching him play is how excited he gets,” Logan said. “As a brother, he’s funny. We’ll play baseball together in the backyard. He gives me advice when I’m hitting.”

Constant energy and encouragement are some of the reasons Brandon’s teammates like playing with him. Roman Endicott, ’18, is grateful for opportunities to grow closer to Brandon, on and off the field.

“I’ve been playing with him since freshman year,” Endicott said. “We first started playing together on the baseball team four years ago. He just has energy. He always lifts up the guys when we’re down, and he brings a fire out there.”

In addition to growing closer to his family, football, basketball, and baseball give Krueger the opportunity to strengthen friendships. He says he is grateful for the chance to play and participate in Fresno Christian athletics.

I think my favorite experience playing here is the comradery with the guys,” Brandon said. “Especially with football this past year, being able to come together and go on the field, practice for a whole week, and go out there with all these guys. I got to know a few guys really well, especially Tyler Villines and Roman Endicott, and through these sports, I’ve gotten to come close to them and get to know each other both on and off the field.”

Blake Deffenbacher | The Feather Online

In addition to growing closer to his family, football, basketball, and baseball give Krueger (center right) the opportunity to strengthen friendships.

For Brandon, strengthening friendships is not something limited to the field. From participating in Powder Ruff to traveling to away basketball games, he has become part of the FCS community in his four years at this school.

I think my favorite sport to watch at Fresno Christian would have to be basketball; guys basketball, girls basketball.,” Brandon said. “I love watching those guys go out there, especially when we hit buzzer-beaters. I love going crazy out in the stands cheering for them.”

Brandon plans to major in Kinesiology. He will attend Clovis Community College next fall, with plans to transfer to Fresno State.

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