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Students look ahead to final weeks of school year

Third quarter–halfway through the second semester and seventy-five percent of the way through the school year. Students looking to graduate after this semester take the time to reflect on their previous years of high school.

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Staying on top of homework and not procrastinating aid a successful school career.

Many seniors may have wished that they could have focused more on studies, whereas many feel they did not get involved enough in activities at school.

Freshmen, on the other hand, are a whole different ball game. Some freshman feel they took their first semester too seriously, while others think they mishandled their first semester of high school by slacking off.

Sophomores begin to prepare as college applications and the SAT/ACT tests creep closer. Juniors anticipate the highs and lows of senior year.

Hannah Villines, ‘21, shares how she believes she can improve for the last quarter and what others can do to not fall behind.

“I feel like I did alright but I definitely could have done better,” Villines said. “I feel like I could have improved on not procrastinating as much and I could have taken school a little bit more seriously. I do feel like I can finish off the semester strong. I would say to other students that they should actually try and not slack off because it makes a huge difference in the long run.”

New student Kyler Garza, ‘21, reflects on his new experiences on campus. Overall, Garza feels content with his semester.

 “I feel that I had a pretty good third quarter,” Garza said. “I had a few missing assignments but it didn’t really affect my grade. In the future, I would like to avoid those in order to get any extra credit I can. I am hoping not to procrastinate on work and to not be lazy and to power through no matter what or how I feel. I definitely learned not to wait until the last minute because once you wait, it all piles up on top of you and you feel pressured and then it is not your best work.”

Sophomore Danielle Foster, ’20, explains the challenges of the third quarter and her thoughts on the upcoming final quarter. Foster also shares advice for future students.

“This third quarter was a little more challenging,” Foster said. “I have been a little bit more busy with cheer and soccer while still trying to get in on time. I am looking to this fourth quarter to change by trying to get my grades up and by procrastinating less about work and projects. One thing that I would definitely tell students coming into high school would be to work as hard as you can and to study because it definitely makes a difference in your grades.”

Angel Ruelas, ‘20, reflects on the past school year so far and shares his optimism for the fourth and final quarter.

“I feel like I did all right and I could have improved a bit more on my grades but I think that I can finish strong,” Ruelas said. “What I would say to others is not to slack off and to take your studies seriously because it can come back and get you. One thing that I think is important is that one missing assignment can really affect your grade. It is important to turn in your assignments.

Zhu Yunxi | The Feather Online

As students reflect on the third quarter, many feel regrets of laziness and lack of confidence.

“However, things that differentiate you from other students is how you organize your schedule,” Ruelas continued. “Once student-athletes get home, they have a choice to do their homework or do other things. Students not participating in sports have time after school to do homework. How a student’s day is planned affects their performance in school.”

Sports are important to many students in high school, but many question just how important they are. Some students feel that participating in sports is worth it, while others feel academics should be the top priority.

Jonah Lozano, ‘19, loves sports and currently competes on the track team. Lozano played on the baseball team last year and was an intricate part of the team, playing many positions. 

“I felt like I didn’t do very good this quarter and I know that I want to improve that,” Lozano said. “I think that a way that I could improve is by caring a little bit more about my schoolwork. I think that caring too little was the problem. I feel like I push school to the side sometimes and put sports in place of school. I would tell other students to care more about school, I feel like that is a common problem.”

Multi-sport student, Daniel Avila, ‘18, looks for ways to actively place his schoolwork on the top of his list 0f important things in his life. Avila feels it is important to get schoolwork done when it is handed out so it is not a problem later.

“Being a senior I feel like I experienced ‘senioritis’ and school was going really slow for me,” Avila said. “I am going to push through and find time to do homework, and if I don’t need to do extra stuff I will not. I would tell other students to remember that the school year is almost over, so they should do their school work now.”

Many students fall behind in studies or repeatedly fail to turn in assignments on time. Others lack a desire to even learn and progress as students. As the end of the school year rounds the corner, it is encouraged to keep up the hard work and finish strong.

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