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Feature Art No. 11 – Gamble House by Joshua Savage

Feature Art No. 11 by Joshua Savage

Title: Gamble House 

Description:  This piece of art displays the anomaly of architecture in the form of fine art. The Gamble House, tucked away in a historic neighborhood of Pasadena, California, is commonly described as America’s Arts and Crafts masterpiece. Savage visited Pasadena as a child and witnessed and walk the grounds of the Gamble House. The home was designed and built by Greene and Greene architects in 1908-1909 for David B. Gamble and his family.

“I was absolutely blown away by the meticulous craftsmanship displayed in every window, balcony, pillar, and walkway. Even the vegetation and foliage surrounding the house displayed an attention to detail that I had never before seen. Every piece of the property tied together to tell a story of the Arts and Crafts Movement; there was no one detail that took away from the rest.” Savage said. “I left the architectural masterpiece on a sunny afternoon, in awe of what I had just witnessed. I learned a great deal of what hard work looks like and where it will get you. Since then, I have considered studying and going into the profession of architecture. I am especially drawn to craftsman style architecture for its rustic rock and wood details with nature as their inspiration. This drawing is a reflection of my passion for detail and structure.”

I used traditional pencil as my chosen medium, with shading details included by hatching, cross-hatching, and stippling. In addition, I used my tortillon blender to give dimension.

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