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Fresno Christian’s formal event offers evening of class movies

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NOTS will be at Wolf Lake Gardens, April 6.

As the second semester continues, students and staff anticipate viewing student produced spoofs of popular films. Night of the Stars (NOTS), is an annual tradition celebrated at Fresno Christian’s formal since 1990-91.

As the semester has progressed, The Feather has posted some of the ways students have asked each other to the premier campus formal. While there is officially no pressure to ask in unusual ways, many guys go out of their way to be creative.

Football and track athlete Jonah Lozano ‘19, describes how he feels about formal and what he is looking forward to.

“I am pretty excited for formal this year,” Lozano said. “I have asked the girl I wanted to and can’t wait to take her to formal and have a great time. I’m really looking forward to going to Wolf Lakes Garden cause of how nice the location is and just spending time together.”

Formal tickets are on sale until April 5 for $70. School dress code still applies during NOTS for both girls and boys. Students are required to wear appropriate clothes or they will not be allowed to attend NOTS. Some students believe the dress code guidelines are a bit extreme and that they should be a bit relaxed at events like formal.

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The students can enjoy games, music, and boat rides at NOTS while at Wolf Lakes, April 6.

Soccer athlete and freshman Lorenzo Fierro, ‘21, shares his thoughts on the dress code for formal.

“I think that the school should relax about dress code on events like formal,” Fierro said. “I can understand at school dress code is important but not at events. The guys have it easier because we just wear a tux but the girls don’t. They have it limited because of the dress code. I am not saying that students should come in whatever they want, all I’m saying is students should have a more open choice to pick from at formal.”

Leadership students continue to prepare for the event. With formal on a school day, students must attend four periods of school in order to attend the venue later that night, April 6.

Leadership teacher Aubri Foster is excited about the upcoming event and what it entails. Although it may rain during NOTS, Foster remains positive and joyful about the fun things planned.

“The entire night is all planned out and the students have been working really hard,” Foster said. “The movies will be the main event as well as the (11) Oscar-type awards. Beforehand there is picture taking and during there will be dinner a little bit of dancing. I’m excited to see (everyone) so dressed up and taking pictures of each other and making memories.”

All four classes produce a movie each year and often they are movie spoofs. Check out Night of the star 2017 senior movie parody “The Hunger Games” for an example of what the 2017 class created.

In the past years, events have been held at Wolf Lakes and The Grand 1401 in downtown Fresno. Leadership advisor Robert Foshee spent time talking to the manager of The Manor Estate in Madera and was able to reserve the venue for the 2017 event.

This year’s formal will be held at the Wolf Lakes Garden venue. Run by leadership, NOTS has many things to occupy the students like games, prizes, a boat ride, and, much more. Boys traditionally ask girls to formal, but some choose to attend the event individually or with a group of friends.

The following video teaser is a short designed to pique the interest before NOTS 2018. Who do you think will win Best of Show? Leave your answer in the comments below.

Guest writer Chris Schultz shares his NOTS perspective in a 2006 Feather article. For more on last year’s formal, read NOTS Promo 2017. There is also a recap of the 2017 event: Night of the Stars returns after one year hiatus.

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