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Bethany Pouliot | The Feather Online

Bekah Micu and Hunter Nale, ’20, work together to study for their unit eight test, April 4.

Spanish two students review their vocabulary words for their upcoming test, April 4.

Sophomores Bekah Micu and Hunter Nale compete against other groups attempting to be the first group with the correct word and spelling of the word.

Students review their eighth unit of the year titled “Una Leyenda Mexicana”, meaning Mexican Legends. These legends are old stories told for centuries in the Mexican community. Micu talks about how this activity helps her.

“This activity is really helping me prepare for this test we have on Friday,” Micu explains. “It helps me because with the repetition of going over our Spanish words, it makes it easier for me to retain the information I need to know.”

Their upcoming test is Friday, April 6.

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