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Senior reflects on years of choir, ensemble experiences

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Juliana Lozano sings at the 2018 Valentine’s Day concert. Lozano performed two songs, including one she wrote herself.

Athlete, journalist, singer. These are only a few words to describe senior Juliana Lozano. Exposed to music at an early age, Lozano pursued a love of singing into high school, using it as an outlet for creative expression.

Lozano started singing with the elementary choir in the 5th grade, encouraged by her family and teachers to continue in music. As she entered high school, she joined the Bellezza ensemble all four years, using her voice to influence others.  

Mentor and music teacher Susan Ainley joined Lozano’s singing journey while she was in kindergarten. Lozano’s diverse skills and optimistic attitude separates her from the rest of the group, making her a vital member of the ensemble team.

“Juliana not only seeks to sing the music correctly, she is always interested in seeking out how to make the song emotionally connect with the audience,” Ainley said. “She believes in a positive outcome, but it’s because she’s willing to do the work required. She doesn’t tell others what to do; she asks intelligent and intuitive questions for herself, then takes the instruction and sets to work. I’m sure music will always be a part of her life, and it makes me feel glad to have had a small part in her story.”

From performing a song in French, to presenting her own song at the Valentine’s Day concert, Lozano strives to stand out. Her experiences in the choir and ensemble have taught her to widen her perspective and try different forms of music.

“My mom kept musical instruments around when my brother and I were really young so my love for music started at a very young age,” Lozano said. “I learned to play piano and started to take voice lessons when I was seven years old. Singing unites very diverse groups of people and with all the other clubs and cheer stuff I’m involved in, it has become a great stress-reliever for me.”

Lozano participates in not only ensemble, but also acts as a journalist for The Feather Online and a captain on the cheer team. With such a full schedule, Lozano finds relief in singing with her peers.

Senior Celeste Counts joins Lozano in her fourth year of singing with the Bellezza ensemble. Counts has seen Lozano grow in her voice and mature as a person through many years of singing.

“I’ve loved getting to sing with Juliana,” Counts said. “It’s been really cool getting to see her grow as a singer and really lead the team this year. It being our fourth year together, I’m looking forward to finishing high school and see what she will do in college.”

Lozano travels to New York City with the Cantiamo and Bellezza choirs, singing at Carnegie Hall for the World Strides National Youth Honor Choir.

Lozano is continually encouraged by her family to keep singing. Being around instrumentally skilled parents and taking voice lessons as a child, Lozano felt inspired by her family to pursue music.

Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

Lozano also is The Feather’s blog editor. She publishes a series of book reviews each semester.

Mother, Alicia Lozano, observes Juliana using music as a creative outlet and stress reducer. She hopes to watch her daughter continue to use her voice as a joyful expression of herself.

“Juliana has been singing since she could talk,” Lozano said. “She would spontaneously break into song about how much she loved whatever she was doing and often mimic the Sound of Music. She loved to perform in the living room and dance on the rolling hills in our front yard.”

The campus choir and ladies ensemble plans to travel to Carnegie Hall in New York, April 9-16. Lozano looks forward to experiencing singing in a mass choir and singing different types of music to finish her senior year.

As she goes off to college at UC Davis, Lozano plans to study neuroscience, the study of the nervous system. She hopes to join an acappella group or college choir to continue her love of music.

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