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Blake Deffenbacher | The Feather Online

Macie Thompson, ’19, (left), and Kayla Vanderlinden, ’20, take in the views from the Observation Deck of the Empire State Building, April 10.

Choir students, along with parents and choral director Susan Ainley, enjoy the first day of their New York trip, April 10. While they are in the Big Apple to sing at Carnegie Hall, some sightseeing is in order before performing.

After over 12 hours of traveling, the combined group of the FC concert choir, ‘Cantiamo‘, and women’s ensemble, ‘Bellezza‘, arrive at their hotel in the heart of Manhattan, New York. The previous night, students and parents took a red eye flight from San Francisco to Newark, New Jersey, landing in time to enjoy a full day in New York.

The group traveled to the city to sing in Carnegie Hall with the Worldstrides National Youth Choir, April 15. The week begins with taking in the sights many have seen on TV or in movies.

To easily move around the city with a group including more than 75 parents and students, smaller groups are created for touring. The class leaves the hotel in groups to see their first sight, the Empire State Building. The 103-story, 1,454 foot tall building, towers over the center of the city, providing 360 degree clear views of the whole skyline. Along with being a popular tourist attraction, the Empire State Building is an office to hundreds of New Yorkers. Did you know? The Empire State Building makes more money through selling tickets to tourists than it does from renting office space!

After taking some time at the hotel to rest and eat lunch, the class sets off to adventure the streets of Times Square. Students are offered the choice to shop, eat, or just take in all of the sights, smells, and sounds of the district. The same streets that fill each New Year’s Eve for the ball drop fill with tourists hoping to see this iconic section of the city. Did you know? Times Square is the most visited tourist attraction in the world, bringing in over 40 million visitors every year!

Blake Deffenbacher | The Feather Online

Choir students visit the iconic landmark of Times Square, April 10.

After wrapping up the evening at Times Square, students return to the hotel to get some rest after a long day of traveling and touring.

Although exhausted, students agree that their first day in New York was well spent. Macie Thompson, ’19, enjoyed spending time with her friends and making memories. 

“I had a blast today!” Thompson said. “I can’t wait to spend the rest of my week with friends exploring NY and see all that it has to offer. My favorite moment about today was being on top of the Empire State Building and leaning against the wall and accidentally pressing the emergency call button. I had to talk to security through the phone and explain that it was an accident. Definitely was a funny experience.”

Tomorrow, students will continue to tour the city, specifically The Statue Of Liberty and the 911 Memorial Museum. Stay tuned for the next part of this series and through Instagram and Twitter.

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The slideshow below shows images of the choir’s first day in New York:

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