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Blake Deffenbacher | The Feather Online

Choir students sing in their first rehearsal with the mass choir, April 13.

Choir students enjoy their fourth day in New York, April 13. 

After three busy days of visiting tourist destinations, the class decides to take an easier morning and travel to the SOHO district. Students get into groups and take the subway to the southern part of Manhattan. In SoHo, students enjoy shopping at their favorite shops such as Nike, Adidas, and Supreme. 

Max Munoz, ’20, enjoyed seeing a different part of the city. Munoz is passionate about fashion, making this a highlight of his trip.

“I really enjoyed seeing the SoHo district,” Munoz said. “I got to see a lot of my favorite stores and buy some new clothes at them. Supreme was by far my favorite store that I got to go to.”

After adventuring around SoHo, students ate lunch and returned to the hotel to get ready for their rehearsal.

Students then head to their first choir rehearsal of the week in the New Yorker hotel. Over 350 students from all around America travel to the Big Apple to sing in the Worldstrides National Youth Honor Choir. Dr. Rollo Dilworth conducts the choir and runs them through the five songs that they will sing in Carnegie Hall. The group will continue to practice on Saturday and Sunday before they perform in Carnegie on Sunday, April 15. 

After rehearsal, the choir heads to Ben’s Deli for dinner. The deli specializes in kosher sandwiches and delicacies. After dinner, the group heads to The New Amsterdam Theatre to see “Aladdin” on Broadway. Students enjoy the humor and high energy of the show, in particular from the Genie, played by Major Attaway. This show is the last of the shows that the group will see on this trip. 

After the show, the group heads back to their hotel to get rest. Tomorrow, the group will spend the majority of the day practicing with the mass choir. 

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