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Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

As the second semester continues, recently finished student-produced spoofs of popular films premiered during Night of the Stars (NOTS), April 6 at Wolf Lakes. NOTS is an annual tradition celebrated at Fresno Christian’s formal since the 1990-91 school year.

During this week, the 2018 NOTS movies are being published on The Feather Online. This year the freshmen remade ‘Nacho Libre’; sophomores; ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’; juniors, ‘McFarland’; and seniors ‘Senior Trap’, a spin-off of ‘Parent Trap.’ The movies will be shown at #FCNOTS, April 6.

After re-creating ‘Billy Madison’ the class of 2018 decided to continue with, ‘The Parent Trap.’ The seniors create the 2018 NOTS movie using classmates to take the place of characters.

Lead characters included: Tyler Villines as Hallie Parker, Roman Endicott as Annie James, Erin Wilson as Chessy and Alyssa Melillo as Elizabeth James.

Tyler Villines, ‘18, plays the role of one of the twins. He is excited for the rest of his classmates to watch the film at formal.

“My favorite part about filming for NOTS was how everyone came together and make something like that happen in such little time,” Villines said. “It was just really fun to watch and help develop. There is a little shoutout to, specifically our class, inside the movie that I think others will enjoy or be amused by. I sure hope our class will win awards this year, but whether we do or don’t I know we had a fun time making it and we won in our hearts.”

For more NOTS movies, watch Freshmen spoof Nacho Libre at NOTS  , Sophomores spoof Ferris Bueller’s Day Off at NOTS and Junior’s spoof McFarland at NOTS,

For more videos, check out The Feather Media page, plus, look for more 2018 class NOTS movies, April 9 – 14.

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