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Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Nathan Lowder, associate student ministry pastor at Peoples Church, shares his message on keeping our relationship with Christ simple and pure in chapel, April 17.

Associate student ministry pastor at Peoples Church Nathan Lowder speaks on complicating a simple relationship with God in Tuesday speaker chapel, April 17. 

Lowder shares how God’s devotion is simple and pure, and not reliant on if you are devoted to him in return.

He also calls students to love others even when they don’t love you back, in the same way Christ loves us.

“We can’t love without first understanding his love for us,” Lowder said. “Your pure devotion is rooted in your understanding for how much Jesus loves you.”

He also speaks on how most of the time when someone says they’re in a complicated relationship, it means they are loving something else. Lowder relates this back to our relationship with God being crowded with other idols.

“Our yes to Jesus is supposed to be simple and pure and we’ve made it complicated,” Lowder said.

Thank you Nathan Lowder for visiting FC chapel and sharing your message!

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