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Jaden Ventura | The Feather Online

Campus choir students sing with the Worldstrides Heritage National Youth Choir in Carnegie Hall, April 15.

Choir students end their New York trip by singing in Carnegie Hall, April 15.

The FC concert choir, ‘Cantiamo‘, and women ensemble, ‘Bellezza’, spend the whole school year learning music in preparation for this day.

The groups travel to New York to sing in the Worldstrides Heritage National Youth Choir. The choir consists of 350 students from 9 schools from all around the United States. Dr. Rollo Dilworth directs the choir, spending just under ten hours in New York rehearsing with the group to perfect the songs.

Carnegie Hall is known as the most iconic performance hall in the United States. Built by American entrepreneur and philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie, in 1891, the theatre fits more than 2,800 spectators. The Midtown Manhattan venue has hosted countless well-known performers throughout the past 127 years, making it a prestigious spot to be able to sing in.

First-year choir member Lauren Tucker, ‘18, found the trip to New York to be very rewarding. Tucker was very thankful for the opportunity to sing in such a historic theater.

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

The main auditorium, Isaac Stern Auditorium, seats 2,804 on five levels and was named after violinist Isaac Stern in 1997.

“Singing in Carnegie Hall was so rewarding to work all year to make it to that point,” Tucker said. “I was expecting it to be a lot of work but also fun at the same time. I felt very prepared. Mrs. Ainley did an excellent job of helping us know and perfect all our music.

“My favorite part about Carnegie hall was singing on stage and being able to hear all of us come together through music,” Tucker continued. “It was hard to learn all of that music and go through 6-hour rehearsals but in the end, I felt accomplished.”

The morning after singing in Carnegie Hall, the groups depart New York to return to Fresno. Although tired from a long week of traveling, students regard singing in Carnegie Hall as a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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