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Classes compete in super hero themed rally

Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

Logan Lewis, ’20, celebrates a win at the winter rally, Jan. 12. 

This Friday, April 20, is the annual Spring sports rally honoring baseball, softball, boys tennis and golf participants.

After voting, the leadership team finally decided upon the theme of ‘Marvel vs. DC.’ The senior and junior classes will represent Marvel as the sophomores and freshmen, DC. Students are asked to support their teams by wearing the logos, colors or capes of their favorite superheroes. Supervillains and masks, however, are not permitted.

Aubri Foster, co-adviser of the leadership class, has put a great deal of work into the rally to make sure everything goes smoothly. Foster also shares the purpose of having sports rallies.

“This rally will be different than any other school rally,” Foster said. “This time there will be no game, however, there will be two student performances. Color guard, as well as the cheerleaders, will showcase their competition routines during the rally.

“The biggest reason for sports rallies is to honor our athletes,” Foster continued. “Another fun thing about these events is seeing all the students get involved. In fact, the class with the most student involvement will receive candy!”

Students can get involved though wearing costumes for their designated team and/or by cheering on the athletes.

Rally schedule:

2:30 Students arrive with music playing
2:32 Get student sections loud
2:33 Color Guard performs
2:37 Baseball Team Intro
2:42 Softball Team Intro
2:47 Golf Team Intro
2:52 Tennis Team Intro
2:57 Football Announcement & Cheer Performs
3:00 Announce winning class of rally and give out candy bars

Braden Bell | The Feather Online

The leadership class makes posters to inform the student body about the rally.

Rallies give students a chance to get together outside of class and have fun together. Ethan Hamm, ‘20, awaits the excitement of the crowds. Hamm also shares his opinion of if they are necessary.

“I think rallies are important because it brings attention to our athletes and brings a competitive spirit out in the students,” Hamm said. “I think a bit of competitiveness is good for everyone. I’m excited about the overall atmosphere and mood of the day, leading up to the final event. I love the excitement of it all. I am planning on supporting the underclassmen by wearing DC attire.”

The track and field team will not be recognized in the rally because an individual event is planned for Wednesday, April 9, at lunch.

The rally starts, 2:30 p.m. Be sure to wear your superhero gear and go support!

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