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Annual event begins the end of school year

Blake Deffenbacher | The Feather Online

Students lead worship for the National Day of Prayer, May 5, 2017.

Whether opening convocation seems it like happened yesterday or yesteryear, the 2018 National Day of Prayer is here. Grades kindergarten through 12th will meet for the final of two all-school chapels, May 3.

FCS has a long-standing tradition of assembling for prayer and worship. As in past years, students, teachers and parents will meet in Peoples Church‘s main auditorium during normal chapel times for worship and prayer.

Superintendent Jeremy Brown shares the purpose of meeting for an all-school chapel. He says part of the calling of FCS includes being unified.

“Convocation is a time for our community to come together for corporate prayer for our school, community, nation and the Church,” Brown said. “There are times when God calls us to pray alone and there are times when he calls us together, this is a time to come together.  Our verses for the year (Romans 12:4-5) tells us that we are many parts of one body, it is a time to come together.”
ASB Chaplain Erin Wilson shares why she anticipates the National Day of Prayer.


“I always look forward to the end of the year convocation because it’s really fun to come together and hear people from different parts of the school, like different ages, pray,” Wilson said. “I really like worship, it’s fun to worship with the entire school and pray with the entire school. I want to pray that as we finish out the year, everybody stays strong in their motivations, keep working hard and just keeps remembering whatever goals they set in the beginning of they year so that they can complete them.”

National Day of Prayer isn’t just something students on campus will be participating in, it is an event that takes place across the nation. Multiple organizations have been promoting the event on social media outlets, such as Twitter.

Senior and leadership student Jacob Provost hopes the convocation will provide a great conclusion to the school year.

“I am excited because it is an opportunity to pray and we get to end out the school year the way God wants us to,” Provost said. “This event brings God right to the end of the school year. I’m really glad I did leadership this year. I’m really proud of how our whole class has worked together.”

In addition to normal prayer times, high school and junior highers can meet in the courtyard for student-led prayer starting at 7:00 am.

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