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Students present “A Night at the Movies”, May 1

Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

The event featured students from elementary, junior high and high school.

The Fresno Christian Instrumental Music Department presents “A Night at the Movies”, where the 3rd-12th grade band and percussion members performed songs adapted from movies, May 1. The G.L. Johnson chapel provided a beautiful space for the music students to present their pieces to their family and friends.

Instrumental music director, Lesley Bannister is proud of the work the student’s put into their performance. As she ends the year, Bannister looks forward to incoming band students who will bring fresh talent into the group.

“I was really proud of Nathan Martin and Janae Shew,” Bannister said. “They put a lot of work into arranging their duet and it sounded great. I also thought the elementary band has worked really hard this semester, and made so much progress. The elementary students love the opportunity to play a song with the junior high and high school band! As always, Joseph knocked it out of the park with his piano solo, which was a take on the Game of Thrones theme song.”

Returning percussion performer, Naty Tewodros, ‘22, enjoyed performing on six different instruments during the evening’s production. Moving on to University High next year, Tewodros appreciates the time she had on the percussion team.

“My favorite part of performing is showing people what we’ve worked hard to do,” Tewodros said. “The whole point of our performance is to show people our hard work and dedication to music. I’ve loved the comradery of the percussion group. It’s a relatively small group so we are a bit more tight knit like a little family and that’s great to be a part of.”

Following the night’s theme, the band and percussion group played songs from well-known films, like Monsters Inc. “If I Didn’t Have You”, Happy Feet “Adelieland”, and the Rocky theme song.

Mother to band member, Lexie Bradley, Tatanesha Watkin supports her daughter at her musical performances. She is proud of the growth she sees in Bradley and hopes to see her continue to progress in her musical talents.

“My favorite part of coming to these performances is seeing all the family and friends coming together to see their children play instruments,” Watkin said. “The kids are so talented and it’s so great to see all them come together and just enjoy it. Lexie used to be nervous when she would play instruments in front of a crowd, but I’m so proud that as she is growing up and is able to play in front of an audience.”

Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

Students played songs inspired from popular movies.

A total of 10 solos were performed throughout the evening. Soloists played a variety of different pieces, from Harry Potter “Hedwig’s Theme”, to How to Train Your Dragon, “Where No One Goes”.

One piano soloist, Joseph Igot, ‘22, enjoyed playing the Game of Thrones theme song for his family and friends. He loves to present the pieces he works so hard on for the audience.

“I like performing at events like tonight,” Igot said. “It feels like you are able to get out all the work you’ve been doing and just pour it out into one performance. I think tonight I did really well on playing the keys and being able to perform something that I’ve practiced so hard for.”

The junior high and high school groups concluded with a medley of the Star Wars and Indiana Jones theme songs, combining over 12 different instruments. The standing ovation at the end of the evening confirmed a successful evening.

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