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Feature Art No. 15 – Oil Painting by Alyssa Melillo

Feature Art No. 15 by Alyssa Melillo

Title: Oil Painting

Description: At end the school year, students are given a page torn out of a dictionary and told to find a word they could draw and animate on the page.

Using oil pastels and chalk to add depth and effect to their work. It is their interpretation of the word, how they see it or how it makes them feel. This is an extension of an exercise that they have done throughout the year, they were given a word and asked to draw their interpretation of it.

“Using oil pastels, I created a paint palette to be the focus and then featured a canvas with a painting on it and a can of paint brushes,” Melillo said. “I really enjoyed this project because it was really easy to be creative with it and fun to blend the colors.”

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