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Servant leader models compassion, selflessness, faith

Courtesy Beverly Foshee

Out on the field after a soccer game against Fowler with his two young children in 2004, Robert Foshee continues to be a mentor, coach, teacher and voice on campus since 2000.

Incoming teachers bring in new ideas, allowing Fresno Christian to progress and change. Growth is crucial to all schools, creating progress while also staying true to the integrity of the school.

However, longtime campus teacher Robert Foshee has served FCS since 2000, with 18 years as an advisor, teacher and coach. His consistent participation in school events has shaped the school, helping provide stability as it completes its 41st year.

Currently, Foshee serves as the world history teacher, leadership teacher, civics and economics teacher, senior advisor, varsity boys tennis coach and varsity girls basketball coach. In previous years, Foshee has taught Old Testament, New Testament, Christian living, JH leadership, JH Bible and drama.

However, it may be his versatility that further cements his legacy on campus. Even as he is able to teach multiple subjects in high school, his coaching career spans a variety of sports. He has coached girls varsity soccer, JH girls soccer, JH girls basketball, girls varsity softball, JH girls softball, head coach varsity football, offensive coordinator varsity football, defensive coordinator varsity football, head coach JV football, head coach JH tackle football, girls varsity tennis, boys varsity tennis and assistant coach varsity golf.

Before coming to Fresno Christian, Foshee coached soccer at Bethany College in Santa Cruz and was the Head Reference Librarian for the University library. He soon moved to Fresno to be closer to family living in Los Banos and has remained in the Central Valley ever since. Foshee remembers his hiring process and recollects on his beginnings at Fresno Christian under the leadership of then Principal Gary Schultz.

“When I first got hired by Mr. (Gary) Schultz, I was young, and he believed in me and saw my future and that I had potential,” Foshee said. “Mr. Schultz spoke into my life a lot and instilled the idea of being a servant. Every person that’s come after him has followed that same example. Mrs. (Amy) Deffenbacher’s the same way, where she shows confidence and believes in you, and you just want to live up to that. Having Mr. Schultz as a mentor helped me get to where I am today.”

Feather Staff | The Feather Online

In the past, Foshee has taught Old Testament, New Testament, Christian living, JH leadership, JH Bible and drama.

After being hired, Foshee began substituting for various classes. He additionally coached the high school girls soccer varsity team, leading them to victory in the Central Section Division V Valley championship in 2001, in his second year at Fresno Christian.

Foshee’s drive to personally reach out to his students extends to every grade. Macie Thompson, ‘19, has played three years on the varsity girls basketball team and appreciates everything Foshee does for the team.

“I like Foshee as a teacher,” Thompson said. “I think that he does a great job of interacting with the students and he does a great job of making what we are learning fun. Foshee is very into the sports that he coaches and wants everyone to give their all to the sport even when it collides with other things you may be involved in. He gives his all and tries to teach us everything we should know for the sport and about the game. Foshee is very encouraging to the students and players in many ways. He prays for each and every one of us, and loves to be involved with us in whatever we do.”

No matter the occasion, Foshee can be seen attending and supporting all school events. In the drama department, Foshee has performed several cameos in various plays and musicals including Bye Bye Birdie and Cheaper by the Dozen. In his first years at FC, Foshee even taught the drama class.

Feather Staff | The Feather Online

Foshee holds a CA teaching credential in Social Science and received a ministerial license through the Assemblies of God.

Kori Friesen has served five years as a history teacher and senior advisor alongside Foshee. She admires the compassion he holds for his students in every aspect of their lives.

This man has a heart of gold,” Friesen said. “There is nothing that he would not do for the best interest of the school or the student body. Foshee and I have been history partners and seniors advisors together for the last five years. Students know that Rob will be there for them and always offer them a solid biblical perspective and heartfelt prayer and concern.

“He loves his job and it shows through his selflessness.,” Friesen continued. “Coaching makes him happy and he believes in building up character through the elements of teamwork. Always an encouragement on campus, he is one of the teachers that long after students leave they remember and appreciate.”

Foshee attended Western Kentucky University and Bethany College where he majored in Church Leadership and Business Management. He holds a CA teaching credential in Social Science and received a ministerial license through the Assemblies of God. Foshee is grateful for the opportunity to minister and teach.

“I think when you’re growing up you think, what’s my job going to be?” Foshee said. “I know three things I kept going back and forth on was that I wanted to be teacher, but I also wanted to coach and be a youth pastor. Now I look at it and see that God has allowed all three of those things to happen. I’ve coached on campus, do chapels and minister, but also teach; most of those things mixed together.”

Courtesy Beverly Foshee

Robert Foshee, center right, has served on campus in various teaching and coaching capacities for 18 years. He is married to wife Beverly, left, for 23 years and has two children on campus: Bryce, ’21, and Summer, ’23.

School secretary Brenda Warkentin similarly respects Foshee for his involvement at Fresno Christian. After working at FC for four years, Warkentin has watched Foshee grow throughout his time teaching.

“Rob Foshee shines for the Lord,” Warkentin said. “He has a strong desire for students to grow in their faith and arranges opportunities for them to worship and serve. I remember one very rainy day he came into the office to pick up the prayer buckets; with a huge smile he commented that ‘whether rain or shine’ he needed to be in the parking lot to set the example, and he headed outside.When it was difficult finding a teacher substitute, I could always count on Rob to cover a class during his prep period.”

When not at Fresno Christian, Foshee enjoys spending time with his family and traveling with them. He has been married to his wife, Beverly Foshee, for 23 years.

This year, Aubri Foster works as a leadership advisor alongside Foshee. As a first-year high school teacher, Foster remains grateful for the support Foshee has provided.

“Rob is one of the most genuinely kind humans I know,” Foster said. “He has a true servant’s heart, FCS is better because he is here. It is obvious that he loves Jesus with his whole heart and works for the Lord rather than men. His encouraging spirit has been so incredibly helpful to me this year as I tread the high school waters for the first time. At every event we have had, Rob is the first to arrive for set up and the last to leave after clean up. He leads by example and I am grateful to be co-advisor alongside him.”

Foshee appreciates how connected Fresno Christian is. A student in high school can talk to a student in elementary school, forming a community he’s proud to be a part of.

Fresno Christian lifer Roman Endicott is this year’s ASB President. Endicott has watched Foshee dedicate his time to several jobs on campus, and respects the mentorship that Foshee has provided him.

“Mr. Foshee has had such a positive impact on Fresno Christian during his years here,” Endicott said. “Not only is he a devoted teacher but he is willing to coach almost any sport that needs one and he does an excellent job with it. He is such a versatile member of the staff at FC and he will always go out of his way to fill in any need. Mr. Foshee is always there for me personally in leadership and he was given me much guidance over the years and has equipped me so well to lead the student body as president and I, as well as the school as a whole, would not be in the same position if he wasn’t around.”

Foshee has served so many different parts of the FC community, from sports to academics. Fresno Christian thanks Foshee for his dedication and service all these years.

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