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After the smashing success of songs such as Attention and How Long, Charlie Puth has put out his sophomore studio album, Voicenotes.

Voicenotes is Charlie Puth’s second album.

When comparing his previous album, “Nine Track Mind”, this one is much more original and unique. He applies a unique jazz and funk swagger to his music unlike anything currently on the radio.

“I believe you can take old genres of music, old styles of music and just kind of trick people into what they’re used to hearing,” Puth said in one of his YouTube videos.

Charlie Puth writes and produces all of his own songs, which is a rarity in the pop industry.

The album begins on a bold note, with the song The Way I Am. It is one of the only songs on the album that actually talks about himself. The cutting electric guitar throughout the song really makes a statement that leaves a lasting impression. I feel like the song has a similar melody used in the chorus as Justin Bieber’s song Been You.

Attention is the next song on the album, but it’s a song most people are already very familiar with. This was the song that really sparked my interest in Charlie Puth. It released as a single over a year ago, making it a huge summer anthem. The bass line in the song is one of the coolest parts in the album, and it is one of my favorite songs on song on the project.

On Rolling Stone’s Youtube Channel, Puth breaks down the production of the smash hit.

“I think it sounds like if you were in a hotel room in Miami in 1988, looking out at the ocean, and there were white, linen curtains blowing in the wind” Puth said. 

Following Attention comes LA Girls. It almost feels like a part two of Attention. This is my favorite new song on the album. It sounds like a modern disco hit with an irresistible groove. I love the lyrics on this song as he describes how dating Los Angeles girls are not what they are hyped up to be, and he misses his ex-girlfriend. It sounds like a very genuine thought he is sharing with the listeners.

How Long is a fantastic song. It continues the disco vibe, and Puth executes it very well. I recommend listening to this song on the way to school or work for a fun, upbeat start to the day. Even though the lyrics are quite sad, the production turns it into a super dance-able tune.  

Charlie Puth often plays piano during his live performances. 

Next is the song Done For Me, where Puth goes back and forth with Kehlani. It provides a unique story where you see both sides of the relationship.

BOY is a very unique song to the album. It is filled with super cool, punchy, retro synthesizers. It sounds like a song you would hear in a movie about a teenage love story taking place in the 80’s.

Puth fulfills his dreams of collaborating with James Taylor in the song Change. It’s a slow, late night ballad with inspiring lyrics. This song keeps the album filled with variety, so you never know quite what to expect,

Somebody Told Me picks the tempo back up. For some reason when I hear this song, I think of a classic One Direction song. It just has that feel to it. I really like it, and I can see it becoming very popular.

I would recommend this album to anyone looking for a new flavor of pop music. The album, as a whole, is quite excellent.

I see Charlie Puth becoming a pop icon if he continues to release great music like this in the future.

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