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ASB Electees 2018-19

Meet your 2018-19 ASB members! The group includes: Chaplains, Avery Jones and Reese Brown, Treasurer Griffin Schmidt, Secretary Sam Cross, Activities Director Logan Lewis, Vice President Kamryn Schultz, and finally, President Alexander Rurik.

ASB Elections Results

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Logan Lewis, ’20, will be the Activities Director. This position includes planning rallies and other events.

Activities Director

Logan Lewis, 2020

Sophmore Logan Lewis will bring some flair to the rallies this year as the ASB Activities Director. Besides planning events, Lewis loves to play basketball, tennis and listen to music. Lewis is also apart of the high school worship team where he does tech. 

“Hi, I’m Logan and I am running for the activity director because I really want our school to have awesome events. I want to see my fellow students enjoy themselves at rallies, sadies, and other fun events.

“I love FCS because they have provided me with many opportunities, and I am forever grateful. I love the people here.

The Director of Activities shall be responsible for developing an overall plan or outline of decorations and communications for school-wide events. This can include but is not limited to Homecoming hallway decorations, rally decorations, communication on school-wide events, and dress up days.

Male and Female Chaplains

Reese Brown, 2019

Senior Reese Brown is ecstatic to be this year’s male chaplain. His dream for our school is to be the generation of believers that the Bible calls us to be. Brown competes in soccer and tennis and looks forward to helping out with an on-campus Bible Study.

“Hello, I am Reese Brown and I am running for Chaplain. The main thing that I want to focus on if I get elected is making sure that we are able to be the generation of world changers that everyone here says we are going to be. I’m also going to help Hunter Raynes in his Bible study and help anyone else that needs it. It will be starting this next Friday.”

Avery Jones, 2020

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Avery Jones, ’20, will be the female chaplain. She will lead students in prayer and also make announcements.

Junior Avery Jones is proud to be this year’s ASB Female Chaplain. This will be her first time as one of the student body chaplains. She loves to play sports and hang out with her friends. She looks forward to praying and loving on students at FCS.

“Hello everybody, my name is Avery Jones and I am a Junior here at Fresno Christian.  I am running for Chaplain because I want to become more involved with the school, and I think Chaplain would be a good fit for me. I have always been called to ministry and I feel that by being Chaplain it will help me grow spiritually and gain confidence in speaking to large crowds.

“Chapel has always been one of my favorite Fresno Christian traditions, which is why I would love to be a part of it.  I love praying, whether it’s by myself or in front of a large group, but I hope that by being Chaplain I can grow in my speaking skills. Fresno Christian is one team, one family and that we all need to encourage and pray with each other. I would love to get to know each and everyone one of you better this year so that I can encourage and pray with you.  

“Chaplain will give me a chance to continue to grow and learn about God. I hope that each day being Chaplain with stretch my faith and give me a chance to get to know all of you better. I know that we all can have a great year centered around sharing God’s love, praying for each other, and always staying positive. Thank You!”

Chaplains are responsible for working with the Chapel Coordinator as an assistant and idea implementor. They will set the tone during chapels for worship and respect. They will be the student that may be on the stage to introduce speakers, worship team, and/or teachers that will be speaking.


Griffin Schmidt, 2019 

For the third year in a row, senior Griffin Schmidt will serve the student body as ASB Treasurer. Schmidt is a three sports athlete and involved in campus clubs like Brother to Brother. He explains why he ran for the same position.

“My name is Griffin Schmidt and I am going to be running for treasurer. I have been attending Fresno Christian since 1st grade and love it here. As your treasurer, I will guarantee financial satisfaction and be being part of the ASB, promising your voices will be heard. I have been treasurer the past two years so I feel I am pretty experienced and I fit the position well. You can all trust me with your money.”

The Treasurer is the custodian of the Student Association’s funds. They shall keep all financial records and present monthly and annual accounts of the financial status of the Student Association to the Student Council and the Student Association.


Sam Cross, 2019

Varsity baseball pitcher and Feather editor-in-chief, senior Sam Cross runs for ASB secretary. Cross outlines his goal to leave a healthy impact on the campus during his last year at FC.

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Sam Cross, ’19, will be the ASB secretary. He will take notes during ASB meetings and create agendas.

“Hi I’m Sam Cross and I am running for the position of Associated Student Body Secretary. I am a senior here on campus and I have attended Fresno Christian for six years. Last year, I had no intentions of joining leadership or running for an ASB position, but I want to leave a lasting and positive legacy on this campus, and leadership provides a platform for such aspirations.

“If provided with the privilege of becoming the secretary, my desire is to have a more inclusive stance on others’ perspectives and ideas both in the leadership class and in the hallways.

“Traditionally secretaries are responsible for maintaining the bulletin board found at the front entrance of the school. The board was only maintained partially during the last school year, I plan to consistently keep the board up-to-date so that it can be used as a reliable source of campus news.

“Many art students on campus create amazing pieces of artwork, but I have found that the only way to appreciate their creations is to visit Mrs. Belmont’s art class. I see an excellent opportunity to showcase student’s artwork each week on the bulletin board.  

“Finally, I dedicate my senior year to positively impacting those around me and creating a healthier culture on campus. If elected I hope that the students, teachers and my leadership peers will hold me accountable for what I have set out to do and the values I stand for. Thank you for your time.”

Cross seeks to better the campus if his peers elected him as secretary. Secretaries are responsible for documenting student leadership meetings and presides over meetings in the circumstance that both the president and vice president are absent.  

Vice President

Kamryn Schultz, 2019

Junior Kamryn Schultz will be Vice President. Schultz enjoys playing volleyball for FCS and hanging out with her friends. She looks at serving her school as an opportunity that she has grasped by being the Vice President. 

“I’m Kamryn Schultz and I’m running for Vice President. I am the only candidate for this position, therefore you should vote for me despite the qualifications I may or may not have. I love this school; I’ve attended here since 6th grade, and it brings me so much joy to see everyone has grown up and everything we’ve accomplished.

“Here’s what I love about FCS: I love the small environment, I love the ability to talk about God freely, and the opportunity to participate in many events I wouldn’t have been able to elsewhere.

“I’m super excited about this year and I will do my best to serve you, the student body, to the best of my ability. Even though being vice president seems like a secondary role, I see it as more than that. I see it as an opportunity to exercise my giftings in the area of leadership and point people to Christ in the place that I care about the most. So vote for me, Kamryn Schultz, as your Vice President.”

The Vice-President shall share the duties and responsibilities of the President. The Vice-President shall chair the Academic Affairs Committee, and shall be the officially appointed student representative of the Academic Committee.


Alexander Rurik, 2019

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Senior Alexander Rurik closes off his presidential campaign speech, Aug. 16.

Senior Alexander Rurik has been elected to ASB President for the 2018-19 school year. Rurik is beginning his second year as Editor-in-Chief for The Feather Online and his third year in leadership. His goal for the school year is for everyone in the student body to be comfortable with voicing their concerns.

“Hello, my name is Alexander Rurik and I am running for student body president. I’ve attended this school since kindergarten, but really have been around since the beginning of my memory. The school, the teachers, and coaches have invested so much in me, and so many others. Therefore, I want to invest back into the school.

“My goal is to be as available to everyone as possible. That way, if you have an idea, opinion, or want to make your voice heard, I will be available to listen. I believe this place is special, most specifically because of the people on campus, both staff, and students. Let’s make this a great school year. Thank you!”

The position of ASB President holds the general responsibility for coordinating the activities of the Student Council and for directing and overseeing the publicizing of the affairs of the Student Body. They preside at all Student Council meetings.

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