Hillsong Young and Free releases III

Hillsong Young and Free releases III

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Contemporary Christian band drops third studio album 

Hillsong Young and Free released their third full-length album, appropriately titled “III”.

Hillsong Young and Free started from the youth group of Hillsong Church in Australia. The band released their third studio album III, June 29.

Coming out of the high school ministry of Hillsong Church, Young and Free looks to appeal to the youth and explore the different sounds of worship music. As a Christian worship album, the lyrics hold a different weight than secular pieces. 

Laura Toggs is one of the lead singers of the band. She is the daughter of Hillsong’s lead pastor, Brian Houston, and co-leads the high school youth ministry in Australia with her husband, Peter Toggs.

“I think if I could sum up the last three years, which has been the making of this album,” Toggs said. “I would say across the board, in all of us, there’s been a deepening. From my standpoint just being that person who’s been able to witness people’s journeys, to see our team navigate seasons and to come out deeper; deeper in every sense, deeper in emotion, deeper in the Word, and for that to be shown in the songs. I’m really proud of that.

“This is a continuation of our story,” Toggs continued. “This is chapter three. If anything, this is us, in devotion with Jesus, which is what it’s all about.”

The album opens on a high energy jam, with the song, Let Go. The song released as the leading single, leaving fans excited for what the rest of the album. It has many interesting details, like the unique song structure. The lyrics convey the message of letting go of our wills and letting God take control.

Something I found very interesting was the presence of Karina Wykes on the album, the lead singer of an indie pop band, “Glades”.

The following song, Every Little Thing is a very solid song. It serves as a great reminder to not fret the little things because God is in control.

The song First Love is the one that stands out the most to me. The lyrics are super unique and centered around a topic not usually found in a Christian song. The song is a prayer that friends will return to the Church and rediscover their first love: Jesus. I really love the way the vocals are layered, especially in the second verse.

Heart Of God slows the pace of the album. I particularly enjoy the all piano version more which is featured in the video, SELAH 1.

I recommend this album to anyone, especially Christian youth. After all, that was the intended demographic. This album is important because it continues to evolve and push the sound of contemporary worship music. Because this album was a studio version, they were able to do more creative things than they could have done with a live album. — Logan Lewis

Young and Free puts their own twist on the iconic Jesus Loves Me that almost everyone has heard. It is definitely interesting and totally caught me off guard. While I am not a fan, I appreciate their efforts of re-imagining a timeless song.

Days Gone By is a piece I thoroughly enjoyed. It is a personally relatable piano ballad with incredibles melodies. This is definitely a favorite on the album. Karina Wykes’ vocals blew me away; she was the perfect choice for this song.

“When you see God working through everything in your past,” Wykes said. “Seeing how he shaped together everything, then realizing God is the one who was orchestrating things, and that’s why you need him in your future. Why would you live without that?”

More Of You is a very special one. I predict this song will be widely played in church services very soon. It is my personal favorite on the album.

P E A C E was a very appropriate song to release. I see so many people struggle with anxiety and restlessness. These lyrics seek to remind that God is above all worry, doubt and fear.

III aims to push the sound of contemporary Christian music to new areas.

The third and final chorus really slams home with the lyrics, “I’ve found peace far beyond all understanding. Let it flow when my mind’s under siege. All anxiety bows in the presence, of Jesus the keeper of peace. And peace is a promise He keeps.”

The album is concluded with the song “Highs and Lows”. Aodhan King does a phenomenal job with his vocals over the soft, electric piano.

I recommend this album to anyone, especially Christian youth. After all, that was the intended demographic.

This album is important because it continues to evolve and push the sound of contemporary worship music. Because this album was a studio version, they were able to do more creative things than they could have done with a live album.

I appreciate the diversity of this project. You can find big, hype songs, like Let Go and Love Won’t Let Me Down. Or you can find slower, more reflective songs like P E A C E and Push/Pull.

This album lives up to the hype and I expect it to be played in churches and youth groups for many years to come.

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Hillsong Young and Free releases III
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  1. Avatar
    Caitlin August 28, 2018 at 5:11 pm - Reply

    Sick article, Love this album. It’s such a light in the darkness for people our age.

  2. Avatar
    Andrew Webb August 28, 2018 at 5:20 pm - Reply

    Sound analysis man. I’m glad to to see the way that Hillsong Church continues to both take to deeper concepts with God, and continues to influence the way we do worship

  3. Jaden Ventura
    Jaden Ventura August 28, 2018 at 5:50 pm - Reply

    Love this album analysis! I’m definitely going to check this one out now!

  4. Avatar
    Hannah Villines August 28, 2018 at 7:21 pm - Reply

    I personally loved this album and all of the songs on it. One of my favorites is probably Highs and Lows; it is unbelievably beautiful and I love the message behind it of how God will be there even through the highs and lows. “Highs and lows, Lord you’re with me either way it goes”

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