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Elders gain insight into grandchildren’s education

Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

Over 550 grandparents visited campus, with many staying for lunch during the 27th annual Grandparents Day, Sept. 21.

Over 550 grandparents, joined students and faculty for the 27th annual FC Grandparents Day, Sept. 21. The guests enjoy a morning full of classroom visitations, a special chapel and lunch, with time to catch a glimpse of their grandchildren’s community. FC honors grandparents each year and allows them engage in their grandchildren’s school life.

After arrival, the grandparents receive coffee and pastries before heading to a informational chapel opened by principal Amy Deffenbacher. The chapel welcomes guests and introduces elementary principal Katie Reneau and superintendent Jeremy Brown. Along with worship and elementary performances.

Student and grandchild Annabelle Counts, ‘23, reflects on her dearest memories with her grandparents and explains what Grandparents Day means to her.

“When I was younger, one of my favorite memories is when my grandparents would play with me outside and we would see all the fish they have,” Counts said. “I love getting to spend more time with them at Grandparents Day and getting to know them while showing how our school works.”

Connor Jens interviews grandfather Carl Coffman in the following podcast.

As loved ones walk the halls, grandchildren move from class to class, displaying their school work on walls and in one-on-one presentations. The students explain class activities and their favorite things about FC.

Henry Pauls, grandfather of Kamryn Schultz, ‘19, Addison Schultz, ‘21, and Tessa Schultz, ‘24,  shares what he remembers from high school and what he enjoys about the event of Grandparents Day.

“I have attended Grandparents Day for four years,” Pauls said. “When I was a kid, school was strict, with lots of expectations and lots of rules. I had a Christian club and we met one day a week at lunchtime which really helped me grow in my faith at school. FCS is not like our school was, but I really think this is a wonderful place and a great opportunity. The family atmosphere and the friendship that I see is really amazing and I am grateful for it. My favorite part of today was watching my grandaughter, Kamryn, pray for Grandparents Day during the chapel.”

In the following video, Feather videographer, junior Wesley Hinton captures some of the scenes from the 2018 Grandparents Day.

Grandparents Day 2018 from The Feather Online on Vimeo.

Grandfather and FCS supporter, Carl Coffman, enjoys the educational atmosphere of FCS and a day to spend time with grandchild, Ty Coffman, ‘20.

“I want to see him get the very best education with minimal disruptions and I believe that’s what Fresno Christian is all about,” Coffman said. “I enjoy meeting my grandson’s friends at Grandparents Day and meeting their grandparents. When Ty was younger, one of my favorite memories was when I would get home from work and pop my head around the corner and surprise him.”

Morgan Parker interviews Joanne Allen about Grandparents Day, 2018

Superintendent Jeremy Brown shares what makes FC Grandparents Day so special. Brown values the wisdom and love grandparents pass down to the students.

I have been involved with Grandparents Day at FCS for five years, my tenure at FCS,” Brown said. “It is important to have a Grandparents Day on campus as Christ followers and as humans to learn, honor and respect our elders. These actions work both directions; anytime you show honor and respect to someone, you get blessed with knowledge, wisdom and love. It has been overwhelming positive feedback from parents, grandparents, staff and students.

“Some of the best stories centered around ‘adopted’ grandchildren,” Brown continued, “meaning for some reason their grandparent isn’t able to attend so the student gets ‘adopted’ and everyone is blessed. The noise is my favorite part; when we have over 1,200 people on campus, there is a wonderful noise. The noise of joy, love and kindness from the stories between grandchildren and students.”

After meeting and mingling with teachers, the families are sent out to enjoy a complimentary boxed lunch provided at 11:25 a.m. Grandparents enjoy time getting to know family and new friends.

Sylvia Heinz, grandma of three, has attended the Grandparents Day on campus for the past 11 years. She supports the faith-based education her grandkids receive at Fresno Christian.

“My grandson Brennen Tozlian is in the tenth grade and I think I’ve made every Grandparents Day since kindergarten,” Heinz said. “I love spending time with my grandsons at their school. It surprised me how many more grandparents there were this year which means more participation. I support bringing my grandchildren to this school because it is faith based.”

Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

For many elders, they find changes in classroom education.

Susie Robertson, grandma of Max Muñoz, ’20, Zane Muñoz, ’21, and Aiden Muñoz, ’23, tells what it is like to see her grandsons at school and why she loves the provided lunch.

“I enjoy events like Grandparents Day because I get to see my grandchildren in their element,” Robertson said. “I have been impressed with the teachers and how much they are all learning. My favorite part of Grandparents Day is eating lunch all together and seeing all the other grandparents.”

Over the last few years, we are thankful for how many grandparents have been returning to this event. Students and staff continue to welcome grandparents and honor them for the impact they have on the lives of our community.

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Slideshow below includes images from FC Grandparent’s Day 2018.

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