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Blake Deffenbacher | The Feather Online

Junior high history teacher, Hallie Rojeski, discusses her options for who to ask to sadies.

Junior high history teacher, Hallie Rojeski contemplates this years upcoming Sadies, narrowing down her asking options to ESL Bible teacher, Donn Rojeski. Excitement and fear builds as she prepares to ask her potential date to the event. After talking over her options with some friends, Rojeski finds the courage to ask the big question. Will he say yes? Watch the video below to find out!

This year, Sadies will be held at Six Flags Great America on Saturday, Oct. 27. The theme will be ‘occupations.’ Dates and groups get to dress up as a variety of jobs, including chefs, crossing guards and scientists, as modeled by the Rojeskis. The expected cost for this event is $55.

Now that Sadies is announced, asking begins, stay tuned for upcoming asks around campus.

The video below is this years Sadies promo:

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